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  • Dead Gunner

    Hello everybody, this is your good buddy good pal Dead Gunner, and I'm trying to beat Yes-Man and BrandonFox at being the best Pollmaster. If you love me, comment whatever your heart desires in the comments section. Also, I'll give you some well-thought out Polls so there are no arguments incited in the comments section.

    Thanks, and goodbye folks. (I'm the best right)

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  • Dead Gunner

    HELLO, Poll-followers and fans galore, this is Gunner, and WELCOME! One and all, to the one-year anniversary of me as the Pollmaster. This edition of the Saturday Polls is brought to you by me. It only took a year of saving up, but I can finally sponsor my own Polls. Another victory for the Pollmasters of the world, today.

    The way I'm gonna split up the Polls today is gonna be a bit unorthodox, you could say. I'm not gonna type anything up here, today. I'm gonna put the results in, then I'm gonna do your 7 Polls (as promised). Then I'm gonna put a little something-something below the Polls as my goodbye. Thanks for sticking around for a year with me.


    "Question #1, what pre-War companies would you like to see more prevalent in fu…

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  • Dead Gunner

    Well, hello, wanderers. This is Gunner, your never-ending host, and I'm bringing you the Polls, where we ask you, the voters, what the best things in Fallout are (sometimes). This edition is brought to you by Joanne Lynette. If you ever need another hug, go see Aunt Lynette.

    These are the second to last Polls that I'm ever gonna make, for a while at least. Seems like it's been a long time, hasn't it? I didn't think anyone would tolerate a full year of Dead Gunner hosting the Polls, but you people have. This begs the question: "What is wrong with you people?". While the answer is obvious (KIDDING), you guys seriously are great regardless, and I'm excited to give you the anniversary next week.

    Let's drop the achy-breaky heart act and get to th…

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  • Dead Gunner

    Well, hello, buddies 'n' pals o' mine. This is Gunner, and I'm bringing you one of the last editions of the Gunner Polls. This edition is brought to you by Curling. The pen is always mightier than the sword, unless you're too insane for both.

    Video games really do help us bond, don't they? It brought you all to the Polls, and to Nukapedia as a whole. I got Halo 3 for free on Xbox Live, and met up with a friend I haven't talked to in two years, but kept on Facebook. While I still have some friends I wish I could link up with again, it felt really good to bond with someone I haven't talked to in such a long time. Have you met anyone you are really good friends with online? Let me know in the comments.

    Nevermind my friends, and nevermind Halo. …

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  • Dead Gunner

    What is up, wasters? This is Gunner, pow-shaba-show (please submit better sound FX in the comments), and I'm bringing you the Polls, late at night. This edition is brought to us by Grecks, who now owes someone caps he borrowed to sponsor.

    Sorry, I know I'm posting these really late. I'll be completely honest, it's been around a year, and I'm losing my motivation. I find other things to do and I let myself get caught off guard. I'd like to not only apologize, but offer a solution. My 1-year anniversary as Pollmaster will be happening in November (on a Sunday). I'm thinking I might do a one-year anniversary edition on that Sunday with a ton of Polls, and then I could possibly hand them off to one of you. If you'd like to apply, send a message…

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