After setting up base at Stone bones cave I started scouting every location in the Zion valley. While searching for the quest items I found tons of junk and very little components for my weapon repair kits. I did find some great weapons like a survivalist rifle and a 45 auto sub machine they will make great pieces for my collection. I cleared the path out of area killed all the white leg ambush squads and disarmed there traps. I don't really like it here killing all these ignorant savages isn't much of a challenge and it kind of makes me feel bad. I did go on a spiritual quest for the sparrows shaman during the quest I ran into Joshua who ask me to talk to Daniel and ask him to fight instead of flee. It got me thinking about human nature and survival of the fittest so I decided to stay and fight. Joshua and I went to three marys white leg camp and whipped them out after capturing there leader Joshua wanted to execute him but I gave him a fighting chance and he still fell in combat. After returning to the Mojave I sold all the junk and got up enough caps to finish all my implants and get the anti-material rifle for my hideout in Goodsprings. It is so good to be home.