First, let me say, I love Fallout 4. It is highly entertaining and I am starting my third playthrough (and beginning to help with the wiki). But I'm also an old-timer. I have been witness to the evolution of the cRPG from text adventures to the orgasmic era where "Go for the eyes Boo!" was on the lips of every zit-faced teen. And as I near four decades of life, I still love cRPGs. But I have to say Fallout 4 does demonstrate why many of us think the cRPG is dying. Are we against improved graphics or the first-person view? Not at all. Fallout 3 was absolutely amazing and I embraced it with open arms (still one of my top 5 games of all-time). But more and more we are seeing video games which are 1) primarily designed for consoles, and 2) are attempting to simplify the leveling process.

It never bothered me that much that the Fallout series differed from the traditional D&D rules, but at least we had skills which required us to make tactical choices in our playing style. I guess that was too complicated for all you kiddies who can't be bothered to use more than a few brain cells while playing a game. But then, that is why popular games like CoD and Halo have always bored me and others like me I'm sure.

"But, the new perks tree replaces the skills!" If you say this, you deserve to be smacked in the head. End of story.

As for the console-esque feel of the game on PC, I'm sure we will fix this with mods eventually. Currently, many functions are duplicated on the same button (unnecessary on PC, because hey kids, we have a crap-load more button options than you do). Most obvious is grenade launching and melee attacks (with a ranged weapon equipped). There's also the currently god-awful implementation of the NPC interaction system which often makes me want to punch all three of my monitors... remember when you could click an NPC and have actual options as to how to interact with them rather than just hope and pray that this time they would accept the items you collected for them rather than offer trade?

At any rate, after a few weeks of playing, this is my unofficial review of Fallout 4. It is fun. I like it. But it feels more like a FPS with some role-playing elements rather than a real cRPG. Thankfully, we can always mod Bethesda games. And when the CK comes out maybe we will have more scripting options that allow us to make this more like Fallout 3.