Warning: this is a rant. I am making a list of all the inaccuracies in the Fallout 4 quests pages. And the list is growing by the minute. I will work on making all these fixes as soon as possible, but I can't help but wonder... where the hell are people getting this information from??? I know we go through this with every new wiki, but with games it seems the first few months are especially painful. I have found misnamed quests, incorrect quest IDs, mis-categorized quests (such as unmarked quests categorized as marked side quests), claims for rewards which are painfully far from accurate, and worse. I remember when FNV was released and we had the same problems in the early days. It turned out all the inaccurate information was based on the game guides (which never account for last-minute changes). I understand there is a desire amongst contributors to be the first to provide information on the game. But please, for the love of Hades, actually test your claims before publishing them! Those game guides are often wrong. That's why a lot of us refuse to waste our money on them. When you post information which you have not bothered to verify, you are only creating more work for others in the future. Okay, rant over.