Chapter 2: Red Troubles

“Hey, Ringo!” Cody yelled knocking on the gas station door, “it's Cody, we need to talk.” Cody heard the door unlock then the door opened.

“Hey Cody, what did you need?” Ringo asked.

“I think the Powder Gangers are going to try something soon, we need to prepare,” Cody said, “I'm trying to convince some people around town but the only person I can confirm will join us is Sunny.”

“Well, I can go talk to the Doc,” Ringo suggested.

“Sounds good Ringo, I'm going to have that courier talk to Pete and I'm still trying to convince Trudy.”

“Alright, I'll head over to the Doc's now and see if I can't get some extra supplies,” Ringo said closing the door and walking off to the Doc's place.

“All right, Red, let's go see if we can't convince Trudy,” Cody looked up and told his sister.

Red looked down at her brother, “Okay, sounds good to me.” The duo walked down to the saloon and by this time Cody's arms were starting to get numb.”

“Come on kiddo, jump off,” Cody said leaning down.

“Aww, but I was having fun up here!” Red complained before rolling backwards off of him.

“Actually, why don't you find the courier and ask him to talk to Pete,” Cody suggested opening the saloon door.

“But I want to see you and Trudy fight!” Red bugged him.

“No you don't now shoo,” he bugged her back. She sighed but ran off towards the springs to find Ziley.

“Hey Trudy, another whiskey please,” Cody told the bartender as he took a spot at the bar.

“I know Cody,” Trudy said with a smirk.

“You, know we are getting a militia together to fight the Powder Gangers, we'd be stronger with more people and you're the only one that can convince them,” Cody explained as the whiskey was sat in front of him.

“I'm not helping this, I never wanted trouble,” Trudy said tending to other patrons.

Cody pointed at her with his drink, “But, you got it, and it is here on your doorstep.”

“I'm not fighting your battle,” Trudy said cleaning a glass while walking towards him.

“You don't have to, you just need to convince others to help us!” Cody tried to fight her argument.

Trudy thought about it for a moment, “Fine, I'll see if others will help but leave me out of it.”

“That's all I'm asking,” he said jumping up, “thanks Trudy!” Trudy just rolled her eyes and smiled. When he walked outside he saw the courier digging up some of the road and placing dynamite in it., “Are we creating make-shift mines?”

Ziley looked up, “Yeah, might as give them a little surprise a a parting gift.”

“Good idea,” Cody said, “it'll give us a upper hand if they have the numbers.” Cody looked around until he spotted his sister, “Hey Red!, what are you doing?”

“I'm just got back from talking to Mr. Mitch with Ringo; here is some extra stims for you,” Red said passing out 2 more stims for each fighter.

“Mr. Red?” said someone behind Cody.

“Yes?” he said getting up from his kneel position.

“Ryan Alpse, I'm here to defend our town,” the man said.

“Good to hear,” Cody said nodding his way, “you the only one?”

“Yeah,” he said looking down, “I am.”

Cody looked the man in the eyes, “We'll protect this town, I won't let it fall.”

“I know,” the man said, “I go get my weapon.” Cody patted the man on his back and let him go. He turned to see how everything was going.

He froze when he heard it, a scream with a voice he knew only so well, “RED!” Cody pulled the rifle off his back and ran towards the voice.

“Cody wait!” Ziley yelled as he equipped his own weapon and ran off to chase him.

“Red!” Cody yelled, “Red where are you!” Cody saw the smoke of a campfire and ran towards it. He stopped on the ledge above it and got to a crawl. He looked at the camp and saw 11 powder gangers. He saw his sister being brought into the so called headquarters of the group. “You guys really fucked up,” Cody said to himself. He placed his rifle on his back again and equipped the small black rectangle that was his sword. Her jumped down and landed on the dirt and hid behind the nearest wall of wooden planks.

“You hear that?” asked one of the guards.

“No, why don't you go check it out?” suggested the guard next to him. The other guard got up and walked towards the area where Cody was hiding. Cody clicked a button on the rectangle and it formed into his sword. He spun around the planks and sliced the guard's throat. The man fell down grasping for everything he could. Cody sunk the blade into the man's back.

“Dave?” the other guard asked, “you okay?” The man picked up his carbine and yelled at the rest, “I think we have an intrud-” The blade sunk into his torso and came out in a twirl cutting along his insides.

“How does that feel asshole?” Cody taunted the man and pushed him off his blade. He clicked another button and the blade shortened, he then equipped his handgun as well.

“Kill that son-of-a-bitch!” one of the guards yelled and fired 8 shots towards Cody. He rolled away from the shots and ran towards the headquarters. He kicked in the door and pulled up his weapon.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you,” said Joe Cobb. He had a gun up to Red's head and one guard behind him with an assault rifle.

“Don't do something you'll regret Cobb,” Cody snarled looking at him with his gun ready.

“I don't think your in any position to demand Cody,” Cobb explained.

“Red, double down shall we?” Cody asked his sister.

His sister smiled, “I never was that good at Blackjack.”

“I don't think that will be a problem,” Cody said and nodded. Ruby flicked her wrist and her switchblade dropped into hand. She flipped it open and flung her foot up into the crotch of Cobb. Cobb staggered for a moment before feeling the blade enter his leg, he cried in pain and fell down onto the ground. The guard took aim but never got a chance as a bullet went through his head from Cody's weapon. Red jammed the switchblade into Cobb six more times before following her brother out and back to Goodsprings. The other guards had cleared off before they were done in the tent.

“Cody!” Ziley yelled running up to Cody as the duo approached the town, “We got powder gangers, eight of them coming up to town!”

“Red, you need to get to the saloon, stay out of this fight, you need rest,” Cody ordered his sister.

“I'm not leaving!” Red argued for she wanted to get payback.

“This isn't open to discussion,” Cody demanded, “get in there and don't come out.” Red left but not without protest, the four men sat there, ready to fight two to one odds.

Ryan spoke up, “I don't like our odds, they outnumber us.”

“Always outnumbered, but never outgunned,” Cody said looking at his rifle, “you two, go hide on my right and left sides respectively, wait for me to make the first shot.” His two soldiers did what they were told. Over the hill came eight of them with the leader in front. They stopped about twenty feet form Cody.

“Step aside Cody, you can't do much alone,” the leader said, “not even your sister stands by you.”

“There is more of us then you think,” Cody explained, “and I don't plan on letting you leave.” The first bullet sounded out and the leader of the group fell backwards with a hole in his head. Before the group even got to respond to their dead leader the two other defenders jumped up and let loose with their weapon and dropped two more. Cody jumped out of the way and got next to Ziley behind the sign. The real firefight began and the bullets flew from both sides. Ryan shot the nearest one in the leg and then Ziley finished him with one to the jaw. Two of them with bats rushed the group but fell victim to the dynamite mines. The two remaining members kept there fire on the sign but eventually Ryan's consistent killed them as well.

“Is it over?” Ryan asked getting up.

Ziley got up, “Yeah, I think we did it.

“Big C!” Red ran out, “You did it.” Red stopped about a foot from her brother, “Big C?”

Cody turned towards Red with a blank look on his face. He looked at his hand, it was covered in blood. Time felt like it stopped, Cody started to fall backwards.

“Cody!” Red yelled running to her wounded brother, “Cody hold on, go get the doctor!” Ziley ran off with Ryan to go get the doctor and Red grabbed her med-kit and pulled out the bandages and put as much pressure on the wound, “Don't die Cody, please don't die.” Red looked down at her brother, her tears had started to fall onto his armor and create a small pool of them. She looked around and then up and screamed to no one in particular, “Where is the doctor!”