Roses are Red

Chapter 1 Goodsprings' Bad Days

“Red, now!” Cody yelled throwing a bladed weapon towards a shadow in the corner of the room.

“You messed with the wrong people,” warned the man in front of Cody, “get them!” The guard behind the man open fired with his carbine, seven shots hit the wall behind Cody as he ducked.

“I got ya Big C,” said Red as she jumped from her spot and brought her blade down through the torso of the guard. He fell to his knees, dead immediately. Red kicked him off her weapon and slid backwards dodging a swipe from the knife of another guard. She rolled behind him and slid back with the blade point towards the guard's back. He drop his weapon and fell to the floor from the wound.

“Red, watch out!” Cody yelled jumping over his cover and running towards the leader of the group. Red looked to her side as a fist connected with her face. She flew back against some cardboard boxes laying against the wall. Cody was furious by now as he jammed his pistol into the leader's abdomen and fired off four of his six shots. The man fell back onto the floor as Cody lined up his gun with the last guard. Before he could get the shots off the man kicked the gun from his hand and it landed on the other side of the room.

“Shit,” Cody cursed his luck, “Red?” Cody was worried when he didn't get a response but he didn't have time to worry as the man threw another punch. Cody easily parried the attack and returned with his own. The man wasn't as lucky and the punch landed right on his jaw and he staggered backwards in to a shelf.

“Big C!” Red yelled, “catch.” Cody turned and caught his pistol and spun back around and quickly let off two shots a towards the man. Both connected and the man slid back against the wall. “Well,” Cody said wiping the sweat off his forehead, “that wasn't too hard.”

“Don't worry Big C, that was just because I didn't have both of my weapons,” piped in Red as she collected her other blade from the leader's body. Ruby jumped up and went to the door, “So, where to next?”

Cody looked at his little sister with a smirk, “We should head to Goodsprings to resupply.” He walked to the door and patted his sister on the back. They walked out the door to the wasteland. They started east towards Goodsprings to collect more water and buy some ammo for the lost amount from the recent fights they had gotten into. They walked into the general store and Cody stepped up to the counter, “Chet, you there?”

They heard a yell from the back, “Be there in a sec, Cody!” The man came around from the corner and looked at the duo, “Watcha need today?”

“Two boxes of .45, one hollow point, one armor piercing,” Cody said looking through his backpack for some caps.”

“That'll be 62 caps, let me grab the ammo,” Chet said putting a whetstone on the table.

Cody placed the bag on the table and looked at his sister, “Go see how Trudy is will you, Red?”

She smiled at her brother, “Sure ,Big C,” and with that she ran out the door.

“Here's the ammo, Cody, getting back in the field so soon?” Chet asked the man as he took his caps.

“You know Red, she never was the patient one,” Cody said taking the ammo and placing it in his bag.

“Well take care of yourself, Cody,” Chet said with a nod as he returned to the back.

“I will Chet, see you later,” he said turning for the door. He walked out and Red ran into him and tripped. He caught her before impact and pulled her back up, “What are you in such a hurry for?”

Red brushed herself off, “Trudy said a courier got shot in the head and is resting up at the doc's, I thought we could go see him!”

“I need to get some morphine and bandages anyways so we might as well see what happened,” he said started the walk up to Mitchel's house.

“Mr. Mitch?” asked Red loudly as she banged on the door. “Mr. Mitch!!!”

“That's odd, usually he at least says he's there,” he said looking in a side window.

Suddenly the front door busts down and a man falls onto the ground, “You have to help the Doc!”

“Red, take care of him, I'll go get the Doc,” Cody ordered while pulling out his pistol. He peered into the hallway and moved up as he saw nothing. “Doc?” he asked as he got to the door to the medical room, “are you in there.” He swung around the door with his gun up and looked around.

“Time's up little boy,” said someone behind Cody. Before he could respond he was flying forward into the wall.

“Bastard,” Cody spat and shot twice into the general direction. Both shots missed and he stood up looking for his assailant.

“Over here,” said the voice as he again connected with Cody's face. This time he landed on the stretcher and broke it in half.

“Okay, you fucked with the wrong guy,” Cody said pulling out a small blade from his belt that flipped into a full length sword. He holstered his pistol and jumped towards the man. Right before he connected, the man pulled out a machete and parried the blade.

“My turn,” said the man rolling towards Cody and swinging at his feet. This time Cody jumped over the blade and kicked the man in the jaw. The man staggered and steadied and threw his weapon at Cody.

“Shit!” yelled Cody as he slid to the left to avoid the blade and looked back up to the man.

“Game over little boy,” laughed the man as he pulled a gun on Cody.

“Oh no you don't,” said a voice that Cody always loved to hear.

“Huh?” said the man looking behind him, “Who sa-” He never got to finish that statement before Red's blade slashed across his throat and he fell down gurgling.

“You never cease to surprise me with such perfect timing, Red,” Cody said wiping the blood off his lips.

“Big C, you're hurt!” Red gasped, pulling off the med-kit from her back, grabbing some sterile wipes and running towards her brother.

“No, no, no, it's nothing to worry about,” said Cody trying to convince his sister with no success as usual.

“It is always bad with you, Big C,” Red said wiping up the cut, “now stop squirming and let me fix it.”

Cody pushed her off of him, “Why don't you go make sure the Doc is okay, I'll go check on the man out front.

Red had a somber look but got up and left to find the Doc.

Cody walked out the door and looked at the man, “How are you holding up?” The man had a small bandage cast and was laying against the wall.

“I'm fine, your daughter is very medically skilled,” the man said looking up at him.

“She isn't my daughter, she's my sister,” Cody said sitting down on the other wall next to him.

“Oh, well, in that case your sister is very medically skilled,” the man said with a smile at his mistake.

“Don't worry, people make that mistake a lot,” Cody chuckled and looked at the man, “So, you're the courier that got shot?”

“Yep, Ryder Ziley, ex-courier and it is a pleasure to meet you,” the man said sticking his hand out for a shake.

Cody shook his hand with a smirk, “Cody Red, mercenary-for-fire and wanderer; my sister is Ruby Red, same professions.”

“Isn't she a little young to be a mercenary?” the man asked.

“She has more killing ability then this town together,” Cody said with pride in his voice.

“Well I'll make sure to stay on her good side then,” Ryder said losing his cheery attitude.

“Hey guys, the Doc is okay, the man didn't hurt him at all,” Red said sitting down on the wall and laying her head on Cody's shoulder, “Can't say the same for you guys though.

“Tell me about it,” Cody laughed, “So Ryder, do you know who shot you?”

“I don't know his name but he is some snob ass-hole from Vegas that wanted my package,” Ziley said getting more serious.

“Probably one of the bosses, they think they are superior to everyone,” Cody said with a snarl.

“One of them piss you off?” asked Ziley.

“More than you might think,” Cody said losing his calm feeling, “We should get moving Red, let's go to the saloon.” Cody waited for her to move, “Red?” He heard the snore and rolled his eyes.

“Guess the fighting got her tired,” Ziley said with a shrug.

“Today has been a busy day,” Cody agreed. Cody grabbed her pack and set her up on the wall. He got up and picked her up, she didn't weigh much so he could easily carry her. He walked up to Victor's Shack as the cheery robot rolled out, “Hey Victor, mind if Red crashes in your house?

“I don't mind a bit, partner,” Victor said with his usual cowboy accent, “I was just headin on down to the springs to get some water for Trudy.”

“Alright Victor, I'll be at the Saloon for a bit if you need me,” Cody said walking off.

“Have a nice one partner!” Victor said rolling on down toward the springs.

Cody walked onto the saloon porch and Lucky Pete was in his usual seat, “Hey Pete, how are you today?”

“Oh I'm good, might want to see what is going on,” Pete said, “I think the Powder Gangers are giving Trudy trouble again.”

“Them again?” Cody sighed, “I'll see what I can do.” Cody walked in the bar and saw three gangers arguing with Trudy, Sunny Smiles, and Ziley. Sunny was the sheriff of sorts.

“What do you guys want now?” Cody said putting his hand on his pistol.

The leader, Joe Cobb, eyes widened when he saw Cody, “Nothing Cody, we were just leaving.”

Cody rolled his eyes, “Yeah, you should act on that statement.” Cody nodded towards the door and three left.

Sunny spoke first, “Thanks Cody, they have been getting worse as the time goes on.”

Ziley piped up, “Why did they leave like that?”

Trudy was last, “Because they are scared of Cody and his sister.”

“Why is that,” Ziley asked looking at Cody.

“Because they have some brains,” Cody said setting himself down at the bar.

“I need to go chase geckos away from the water sources, anyone want to join me?” Sunny asked the small crowd of four.

Ryder looked at Sunny, “Sure, I need to get back on my feet anyways.

“Good, it'll be nice to have some human company,” Sunny smiled, “come on Cheyenne!” The dog jumped up and barked and began to follower her master. The trio left the saloon and went on their little mission.

“So, Trudy, you think those Power Gangers will try to get Rango by force soon?” Cody asked while Trudy poured him a whiskey, his usual.

“I wouldn't doubt it,” Trudy said pushing the drink towards him, “Like I said, they've been getting more threatening by the day.”

Cody took a drink, “Sunny keep saying if they try anything she'll fight; she won't stand much of a chance alone you know.”

Trudy sighed, “I'm not getting into this conversation again Cody.”

“Why not?” Cody said, “This is your town, your life, are you going to watch it get torn apart?” Cody was getting slightly frustrated at her, “Without the town's help, Ringo and Sunny will die, and they will kill everyone anyone with any kind of power, you included.”

Trudy was getting annoyed as well, “They won't hurt anyone who submits.”

Cody was showing some frustration now, “Fine, stand on the side-line and see what happens.” With that he finished his drink and walked out of the saloon.

“There you are, Big C,” Red said, “Victor said I could find you here.”

“Finally awake Red?” Cody smirked and put his arm around her shoulder, “We have work to do, let's go talk to Ringo.”

“Why?” Red asked, “re the Power Gangers going to try something?”

“I'm pretty sure it will be soon,” Cody answered, “I think they have gotten tired of being told to fuck-off.”

“Did you convince Trudy yet?” she said jumping on Cody's shoulders.

“Oh god, tell me when you are going to do that, Red,” Cody said almost falling from the surprise weight, “Also no, she won't budge from the side-line.”

“You should also talk to the courier,” Red suggested, “maybe he will help.

“One thing at a time Red,” Cody said starting the trip up the hill with her on his shoulders.