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    Chapter 2: Red Troubles

     “Hey, Ringo!” Cody yelled knocking on the gas station door, “it's Cody, we need to talk.” Cody heard the door unlock then the door opened.

     “Hey Cody, what did you need?” Ringo asked.

     “I think the Powder Gangers are going to try something soon, we need to prepare,” Cody said, “I'm trying to convince some people around town but the only person I can confirm will join us is Sunny.”

     “Well, I can go talk to the Doc,” Ringo suggested.

     “Sounds good Ringo, I'm going to have that courier talk to Pete and I'm still trying to convince Trudy.”

     “Alright, I'll head over to the Doc's now and see if I can't get some extra supplies,” Ringo said closing the door and walking off to the Doc's place.

     “All right, Red, let's go see if we …

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  • Daxdax64

    Roses are Red

    Chapter 1 Goodsprings' Bad Days

     “Red, now!” Cody yelled throwing a bladed weapon towards a shadow in the corner of the room.

     “You messed with the wrong people,” warned the man in front of Cody, “get them!” The guard behind the man open fired with his carbine, seven shots hit the wall behind Cody as he ducked.

     “I got ya Big C,” said Red as she jumped from her spot and brought her blade down through the torso of the guard. He fell to his knees, dead immediately. Red kicked him off her weapon and slid backwards dodging a swipe from the knife of another guard. She rolled behind him and slid back with the blade point towards the guard's back. He drop his weapon and fell to the floor from the wound.

     “Red, watch out!” Cody yelled jum…

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