is Bethesda the new Rockstar?

okay so i had some stupid thoughts but i didn't wanted to bottle them up.

IF Fallout 3 is GTA 3 and Fallout: New Vegas is GTA: Vice City.... what then ? :D

like real rockstars, you can get a fan or too even in this gamer world, ..even other developers :D

if Bethesda had multiple studios, like Rockstar do, regional studios, they could separate the work better and we could have more games from them. a vast business empire title might impress other business types but i guess leaves the gamer feeling a little anonymous. how can such a large corp. cater to me?

Rockstar do personalization better than anyone, they have Studios all over the world but yet you can 'feel' their locality, it's in how they title their studios. my own countries studio is 'Rockstar North' coincidently the first Rockstar Studio, and is named after Scotland being in the north of the UK. Rockstar's cities and regional naming introduces a 'comfort' feel, Something Bethesda need, with their Zenimax header. Don't get me wrong i tried to apply for a job at Zenimax, and the form was really nice and complimentary in design, I was applying for a job as a sound engineer, i have a AAA equiv. in Music Production. but Zenimax is an angry sounding name and being the boss of Bethesda... well perhaps you can see where im going..

If Bethesda had, say 5, studios based on the Rockstar model we could have Fallout more concretely and more often. less chance of shifting schedules , more Fallout games, if the next one is Fallout: 4 will there be an addition like Vegas? why not have another studio for the additions.

I have heard Interplay say Bethesda get to make one more game, Fallout 5, before the rights come back to them, but this seems cheap and jumping Fallout 4. Interplay might have a case so might Bethesda, soooo why doesn't Bethesda buy Interplay? and rename it Bethesda Wales. why not? really why not? bring out Fallout Online keep the people, keep the jobs, at Interplay, surely they are more talented then the rubbishy games i have seen them bring out... they just need guidance and not the sack.

Zenimax must be loaded with cash, they should buy Interplay as a gift to their 'child' Bethesda, because let me tell you this.. count the pages on this wiki... people would pay for more Fallout.

just a thought