so er, i have been playing RAGE, grrr, for the last couple of nights, i don't mean to be a griefer or a troll but..(Comic Book Guy voice).. WORST GAME EVER! lolol

not really. it's quite fun, well, the racing is. The character moves pretty well (shock BTh :-O ! ), the visuals are stunning... and i want to add a third but.. no wait.. oh yeah the multiplayer races are a good laugh.


The rest of the game is like going to the cupboard to get some nice big birthday chocolate cake, then remembering, 'oh, that was last year in Vegas'. you know a game is bad when YOU have to make up stories to keep yourself entertained. it was as deep as a ditch and just as muddily bland and unrewarding.


So I kill mutants but get no ammo back.. I kill big mutants with the respawning little ones.. nada.. I WAS FURIOUS!! i just put half my ammo into these guys and NOTHING back. i want to write more but it will just make me more angry grrrr.

Walls.. i have a beef with invisible walls, 'sorry love, the romance is over, i used to like you in the 90's but now i feel your stalking me.. go away!' Rage is 'the' most disappointing and most bland game i have EVER played. Why would i not want to explore?? why would i want endless enemy respawns?? in confined spaces does not make it exciting or clever. well maybe a bit exciting, but the defib game was better.

and i have met only one pretty lassie (hager) , the rest excuse me, look pixie-ish. no, no, that was the last straw. i liked the the 'real' sky and the defib game, which at most times was better than the main game, but no! no! no! no! Pretty girls are are what makes the dingy wasteland bearable, what makes fighting the monsters easier.

Game 101, rule one, day one: don't mess with the camera, it's that way in so many games, for a reason. ..noob.

that's right Id software i called you a noob. never mess with the camera. ever.


sooo.... I 'get' Interplay now, and what they brought to the table.


if you felt like i just shouted at you for five minutes, sorry, its all this RAGE!! that never quite gets explained!!



Although i must note, John Goodman's acting was superb, he really moved me. i felt the notes of his anguish, at trying to rebuild again and again, his character's sympathy for someone lost. i think it was his finest acting yet, it's a shame it was in such a no-story game, but then again, he can always add it to his résumé. very fine and delicate acting.

I'll update as is. I saw a vid last night, that makes me think there's more to this game than the 15 hours or so i have played. yeah that's only a little amount, but 15 hours in and i don't even know my character's name? and i have no story so far. I did the races at Wellsprings, i have only a few left. did most of the missions. but i am *not* getting sponsored by that fat cyber toilet sitting monster, i just can't bring myself to lower myself. i go in look at him, and think 'shotgun', i just can't help it, i wanna shoot that foul being, i just wanna rock in with ma shotty and blow his head off. so i'm off seeing if i can go somewhere else to continue the story which is why i ended up in the hospital doing the defib upgrade with nearly no ammo (it all ended up in that big mutant). oh also im stuck and can't go back... hmmm.

ill be honest, im quite a bad shot in combat situations, im the sniper for my Team which is why combat RPG's are a good deal for me, as in all honesty i don't have the nerve (cool head) or talent for close combat with assault rifles or guns, Bam some Psycho rock up with a Combat/Riot Shotgun 'Stim me'! and I'm G2G. but this has been a slog with no story.

update:27/10/2011 okay got to the second disc. THE STORY STARTED!! i have kind of liked it since.. i blasted it because i was er, erm, a bit sad about no more BTh Fallout. I saw the game engine InP might and prolly will use for Fallout in the future, it's not a dynamic engine like BTh's. but I hope they keep a good VATS system like BTh's. but we'll see.

A friend explained that rage was a light game, which i am now getting into. i was angry because I felt like it was COD with a Fallout flavor, a fifth of the flavor of fallout, with none of the depth, or calorie game hours. in the second city the girls got prettier and less pixie-ish. hope my character gets a GF soon. bit of romance to balance out all the fighting :D

introduced my brother to FO3 the other night so i/we are doing that just now. Whilst i feel i was right about the things i said, i know that they were emotionally charged, and so bias, although feeling passion for something isn't necessarily a bad thing, i blasted when i should have been lenient, and patient. I only hold to the car camera criticism, which for a team which such heritage (Quake), is still a noob-ish dev mistake.

oh, and i did the sponsorship, hoping i get to shoot him later. it might happen :D liked the FO bobblehead :D didn't feel like BTh is ignoring me, like a friend blanking you in the supermarket.