Been away a while, you probably too, seeing the wait we've had. That was more of an excuse than a dig at the devs. :)

So I completed the main story last week, after as advised by a guide on a smaller matter 'not to finish the main quest too quickly'. I found this sage advice.I have, at the time of writing, 211h since launch. I have had *many* thoughts in those 211h and if it's cool, I'll share these with you today. obv, many spoilers await the intrepid.

We start and it's a bit rushed to be honest, The Vault and pre-war was a slice of bliss as a fan and a player, wish we would of had more time.I remember the feeling of loving the pace! now after completion, I guess I should just appreciate the amazing story I was told. however..

The caveats and misaligned sentiments of an RPG..

hehe. The game is a marvel. not as big as FO3 or FONV, but still. oh wow!


I had a few important times where my sentiments were not represented. I felt, an important distinction between, synths who murder and replace humans, and synths who do not, and try to live normal lives, was glaringly overlooked. Im fine to shoot murdering synths in the head, not so for innocent ones, like Curie and many it seems, in the Railroad. How is this game defining me as an ingame char? am I a murderer or protector? .. personally I want to protect humans and synths alike, but kill the ones hostile to humans. The BOS made me kill the Railroad.. you could say 'why not just renagade on them?' I have been a BOS guy since FO3, I *get* the ideology. The Railroad did not deserve to die, but then again I had just freed Paladin Danse after barely speaking to him the whole game.

The Institute

Somehow I am meant to have come off as the bad guy..The conversation with Shaun/Father ..BUT,They killed my wife and brainwashed my child into a creepy dictator. they had to DIE. My char is ex military, he prolly fought in the chinese campaigns, used the original T-45 power armor, you kill his wife and make his son 'high on science'?? you're getting a bullet to the head and your creepy organization shut down!

But no mention of this.. none that I was acting in both kindness and vengeance. kindness, that the people above were treated as cattle, kindness that the synths might be taken away from their master's whip, which IS contradictory from the storyline I chose, but that story is one I am now saying did not complete.. the notes of my voice. Vengeance that my son is not absurd mockery, of what he was 'meant' to be. a normal boy and a normal man. Vengeance that my wife so easily killed, did not die that this 'institute' could continue on its journey of moral self-satisfaction. So I ended it.

These are my feelings on the subject.

Now for the future, I hope they give me a way to bring back Nora.. I hope they give me a way to have as many wives as I wish. it is an RPG after all, and in post-apocalypse environment re-population would be key. I know I'm 'dating' Curie, Cait and Piper..but i'd like that to be more substantial. besides, it would be fun, and make me feel more like a king, after kicking so much az, being a badaz.

I found the vanilla Jetpack sorely lacking, and it was only when I used a mod, that it truly came into it's own. I turned off Fusion Core power drain. I had wanted to keep the destructible power armor, but had to turn that off too, as I just couldn't get the resources on a regular basis. I emptied out the wasteland, pretty much. I reckon the only aluminium left in my game is the ones that spawn with vendors. shame.

The new speech option system was .. great, loved it. The delight of Cods knowing my name, special. the new command companion system, was 'spot on'. I have high praise for the new advancements in Fallout..I just wish I could have had *my* ending, *my* voice to say what was what in the finale.

I have enjoyed the voice acting, especially Courtney Ford as Piper. but the whole cast were great. I didn't enjoy the gay moments, like when I changed Prestons clothes (equip) and he wouldn't stop being gay with me, still does. maybe a glitch?? .. he had a more gravelly voice tone before the change and now.. kinda, lighter. Male Companions still flirting with me even though, I 'knock them back'*.

I really liked the dialogue also.. some of the things Strong said while we were fighting.. well I just LoL'd and LoL'd. example:

Strong : 'Don't be a baby, come out of hiding!'

Super Mutant: 'We'll see who the baby is when I shoot you in the face!'

Strong 'biiiig baby!'

above is iirc.^

Sean Schemmel was *very* good as Strong.

Sophie Cortina with her very sexy french voice, how could I resist being charmed and allured?

Sound Engineering, was top tier. not the best I ever heard in my life, but in my top 5. Number one being BioInf, followed closely by Portal.

Whats Next?..who can say..follow the yellow brick road eh?



^Scottish expression, american is 'being shot down' refused a romantic advance.

 Dava4444 (talk) 12:01, December 16, 2015 (UTC)