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    As you can see in the picture, Europe and Africa are joined, and a new country outlined, seems to be the former mediterranean.

    Thoughts? Comments?

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    Been away a while, you probably too, seeing the wait we've had. That was more of an excuse than a dig at the devs. :)

    So I completed the main story last week, after as advised by a guide on a smaller matter 'not to finish the main quest too quickly'. I found this sage advice.I have, at the time of writing, 211h since launch. I have had *many* thoughts in those 211h and if it's cool, I'll share these with you today. obv, many spoilers await the intrepid.

    We start and it's a bit rushed to be honest, The Vault and pre-war was a slice of bliss as a fan and a player, wish we would of had more time.I remember the feeling of loving the pace! now after completion, I guess I should just appreciate the amazing story I was told. however..

    The caveats …

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    October 24, 2011 by Dava4444


    so er, i have been playing RAGE, grrr, for the last couple of nights, i don't mean to be a griefer or a troll but..(Comic Book Guy voice).. WORST GAME EVER! lolol

    not really. it's quite fun, well, the racing is. The character moves pretty well (shock BTh :-O ! ), the visuals are stunning... and i want to add a third but.. no wait.. oh yeah the multiplayer races are a good laugh.


    The rest of the game is like going to the cupboard to get some nice big birthday chocolate cake, then remembering, 'oh, that was last year in Vegas'. you know a game is bad when YOU have to make up stories to keep yourself entertained. it was as deep as a ditch and just as muddily bland and unrewarding.


    So I kill mutants but get no ammo back.. I kill big…

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    Is Bethesda the new Rockstar?

    September 23, 2011 by Dava4444

    is Bethesda the new Rockstar?

    okay so i had some stupid thoughts but i didn't wanted to bottle them up.

    IF Fallout 3 is GTA 3 and Fallout: New Vegas is GTA: Vice City.... what then ? :D

    like real rockstars, you can get a fan or too even in this gamer world, ..even other developers :D

    if Bethesda had multiple studios, like Rockstar do, regional studios, they could separate the work better and we could have more games from them. a vast business empire title might impress other business types but i guess leaves the gamer feeling a little anonymous. how can such a large corp. cater to me?

    Rockstar do personalization better than anyone, they have Studios all over the world but yet you can 'feel' their locality, it's in how they title their studios. …

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    so after months of putting off Fallout: New Vegas, I started it around two weeks ago, as the title suggests, I thought it was.short.

    Okay so, I killed any threats I saw including Caesar early, I killed, at the drop of pip-boy, any slavers or cannibals, if you were one of them, x( I had a 'shotgun solution' for that. But still this was a little installment compared to the epic Fallout 3, I still have New Vegas DLC's to DL soo, maybe it is longer, ...but I took 3 months on FO 3, this was only 2 weeks, but the FO3 DLC's themselves took me around a month to a month and a half, so why only 2 weeks?

    I think the faction system cut my killtime to a third, because they were friendly and I was hostile and they didn't know I'd heard of them :p

    I think …

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