So, I posted this in the general discussion, but I would also like to make it my first blog post.

I have a "challenge" that also doubles as a roleplay idea, for all of you Fallout New Vegas players, and I guarantee you Enclave fans out there will like this one. If you just want to see the challenge/roleplay then you can skip down quite a bit but if you want to read the backstory(which I suggest!), then continue on. First, I suggest you go to the Enclave page on this great wikia, and read up on the history of the Enclave if you haven't already. Now, a few things I'll remind you about the Enclave is that they're the last pure, non-mutated humans, aside from the unopened vaults. Everyone else to them isn't even considered to be human. Super Mutants and ghouls in particular, are "abominations".

The Enclave's goal was and always has been to eradicate all of these mutated "things" so that they can take their rightful place and rebuild America, free of impurities. The Chosen One ruined their plans, as just before they were about to kill the entire population of the wastes with poison, this person destroys their base and kills their President. Huge setback, and then the NCR defeats the rest of the Enclave and all remnants are considered "war criminals". Some of them escaped east and set up a new base but that Enclave got defeated too. Let's just say...none of the wasteland factions like them(with good reason) and as you all know, the Enclave is pretty much dead now except for a handful of old Enclave Veterans who are in hiding.

Now let me also remind you that the Enclave has the most advanced technology around. And America's heir still hasn't been decided. While NCR,Caesar's Legion and possibly Mr. House seem like the most likely candidates, there happens to be a badass in the Mojave who can tip the scales in the favor of...any faction around. The Brotherhood, the Khans, even the Fiends if they honestly wanted them to conquer. "But what about the Enclave?" I say. And I know what you're thinking. "Darth Roxas, how could a single Enclave soldier reignite the NCR-Enclave war, and not only win against the New California Republic, but as well, defeat Caesar's Legion and Mr. House? That's just preposterous."

To which I would point you to President John Henry Eden, our great President: "The Brotherhood of Steel will fail. All those who oppose the Enclave will fail! I am President John Henry Eden, and this is my pledge -- no one, NO ONE will take this great nation away!"

And you can allow the Enclave's goals to be realized. Begin the game as an Enclave Remnant. You don't have to be that old, you can be like Arcade Gannon, the son of an Enclave soldier. Your father died valiantly fighting NCR cowards, outnumbered and shot in the back where his suit was being powered. Your mother was an Enclave scientist who was executed for "aiding an evil organization". It's time for payback, dear America. The Enclave will rise again. And you, having been born in the Enclave, are one of the last remaining pure humans.


To avenge Navarro

                                                   The Enclave Challenge

Here we go, America. If you're playing on consoles, I suggest you go to the Deathclaw promontory and Silver peak mine as early as you can(I realize this will be difficult) so you can get your Remnants Power Armor and Helmet. The idea is for you to start as an Enclave soldier, and not become one. So, this is obviously better on PC where you can not only get various Enclave-related mods but also can use console commands to get yourself Enclave armor earlier. You will want to give yourself either Remnants Power Armor, the Gannon Family Tesla Armor, or the Enclave Power Armor and some advanced weaponry. Reclaim the eyebot ED-E and ensure it stays in the hands of its Enclave masters and pave the way for the Enclave. Eradicate all resistance and make Nevada an Enclave state. The one true government of America and rightful successor to its lands.

Here's the challenge: You have to cleanse the wasteland. Vilified by all factions(or nearly all) on very hard difficulty as well as hardcore mode. This isn't supposed to be easy, you might have the best heavy armor in the game and advanced firepower but you're also alone and fighting against impossible odds. The Enclave is not only hated by almost everyone, but these factions will oppose the Enclave's rule and are "mutated". Working with Yes Man will get you an army of Securitrons but that is not enough. You need to clear out every NCR base, every Legion base. Caesar has to die. Mr. House has to die. President Kimball needs to die. And that vertibird he's made into his personal transport...? That thing is a disgrace, destroy it (preferably with him inside). You'll also want to grab the technology of Big MT. And you should make sure the Enclave Remnants are reunited and ready to fight. Arcade needs to be convinced that it's time to fight, the Enclave needs all the soldiers it can get. Clear out the Super Mutants and ghouls. If there's some factions like the Boomers or Followers you'd rather conscript than kill, go for it. But you will need to kill every NCR soldier and every Legion soldier in the Mojave that you can. You could blow up the traitorous Brotherhood of Steel, but why waste that bunker when it could be useful to the Enclave? Kill them all instead and take their technology for the Enclave. Destroy the raiders. Activate the Helios One weapon. Nuke your enemies from the Divide, And take Hoover Dam. Once you've done this, I congratulate you. Because of your patriotism and hard efforts, the Enclave is once again back in action. And America is in the hands of its rightful heirs. It will also of course be needing a new President. And you are the one who owns the Securitron army as well as the technology of Big MT. You are indeed in the position to claim leadership as your own. And who better to lead the Enclave than the war hero who revived their great dominion?

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