Quick "Fallout New Vegas" Guide

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Score at Game Start

Strength : 6 Perception : 6 Endurance : 6 Charisma : 6 Intelligence : 9 Agility : 5 Luck : 2

Total S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points : 40

Tag Skills Tag All Skills Listed at start of Game

Lockpick Medicine Guns

Perks Chosen in Level Order, (requires add-ons)

Level 2 : Intense Training (Luck) Level 4 : Educated Level 6 : Comprehension Level 8 : Entomologist Level 10 : Animal Friend Level 12 : Finesse Level 14 : Commando Level 16 : Intense Training (Luck) Level 18 : Intense Training (Luck) Level 20 : Intense Training (Agility) Level 22 : Intense Training (Endurance) Level 24 : Intense Training (Endurance) Level 26 : Intense Training (Strength) Level 28 : Grim Reaper's Sprint Level 30 : Grunt Level 32 : Nerves of Steel Level 34 : Math Wrath Level 36 : Concentrated Fire Level 38 : Adamantium Skeleton Level 40 : Better Criticals

Total Perks : 20

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Score at end of Game

Strength : 8 (Strength 9 with Remnants Power Armor)*

  • (See "Equipment, Apparel" for Info)

Perception : 7 (Perception 8 with first Recon Beret)* Endurance : 9 Charisma : 7 (Charisma 8 with T51-B Power Helmet)* Intelligence : 10 Agility : 7 Luck : 6

Total S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points : 54

Equipment, Weapons

Main Weapon : Ratslayer, (in Brockflower Cave), with Animal Friend, later, Gobi Scout Campaign Rifle Located at : Sniper's Nest (Requires Lockpick Skill of 100, or a Lockpick Skill of 80 with a Locksmith's Reader)*

  • See "Equipment, Aid"

Secondary Weapon : Survivalist's Rifle Located at : "The Red Gate" in Zion Canyon Park**

    • Requires "Fallout : New Vegas Honest Hearts add-on"

Main Pistol : A Light in Shining Darkness Located at : "Ending Loot Chest" in Zion Canyon National Park***

      • Requires "Fallout : New Vegas Honest Hearts add-on"

Secondary Pistol : Ranger Sequoia Located at : Camp Golf ****

        • Must finish quest "Return to Sender" and report Chief Hanlon to NCR Ranger at Camp Golf.

Melee Weapon : Machete Gladius Located on : Legion Soldiers

Submachine Gun : 12.7mm Submachine Gun with Silencer Located at : GunRunners, Legion Soldiers, NCR Troopers

Unarmed Weapon : Ballistic Fist or Pushy Located at : The Fort, on Praetorian Guards, Pushy is at Silver Peak Mine near Jacobstown

Holdout Weapon : Mysterious Magnum Located on : The Lonesome Drifter*****

          • Must complete quest "Talent Pool"

Explosive Weapon : Block of C4 and Detonator Located At : Cliff Bruscoe's Store in Novac Inside Dinky the Dinosaur

Equipment, Apparel

Main Armor : Remnants Power Armor Rewarded to you along with Power Armor Training at the end of quest "For Auld Lang Syne"

Main Helmet : T51-B Power Helmet Located at the Brotherhood of Steel chapter in Hidden Valley

Secondary Helmet : First Recon Beret, (+1 per. +5 critical chance) Rewarded to you upon completion of "One For My Baby"

Optional clothing: Roving Trader Outfit, (+5 barter), wear when trading Located on Malcolm Holmes, who will randomly approach you in the Wasteland

Optional headgear : Roving Trader Hat, (+5 barter), wear when trading Located on Malcolm Holmes, random NPC's

Equipment, Aid

Primary Healing Source : Gecko Kebabs Crafted at a Campfire with 1 Gecko Meat, 2 Jalapeno Peppers, and 1 Banana Yucca Fruit Cave Fungus, removes 10 rads per serving, found on Legion troops and in some caves in Zion

Emergency Healing Supplies : Stimpaks Located throughout the Wasteland, craft at workbench from a Broc flower, a Xander root and an empty syringe. (requires medicine of 70)

Magazines Carry 4 of every Magazine Salesman Weekly (Barter) Taeles of Chivalrae (Melee Weapons) Locksmith's Reader (Lockpick) Programmer's Digest (Science) True Police Stories (Increased Critical Chance) Patriot's Cookbook (Explosives) Future Weapons Today (Energy Weapons) Boxing Times (Unarmed) Milsurp Review (Guns) Today's Physician (Medecine) Lad's Life (Survival) Fixin' Things (Repair) Meeting People (Speech) ¡¡La Fantoma!! (Sneak)

Magazines boost your skill level for a limited amount of time. (with the Comprehension perk, magazines double in skill boosting power)

Chems Keep 2 of all Listed and 10 of Rad X, Radaway, and Antivenom, AVOID using ANY Chems OTHER than RAD X, RADAWAY and STIMPAKS ! Pyscho Buffout Med-X Super Stimpak Rad X Radaway Fixer Mentats Hydra Turbo Steady Antivenom, (will need Datura Antivenom when fighting White Leg Tribals in Zion Canyon National Park) Cateye Jet UltraJet Slasher Party Time Mentats

Weapon Repair Kits Keep 20 or so at home and 1 on your person WRK's are crafted at a Workbench using 1 Scrap Electronics, 1 Wrench, 1 Duct Tape, 1 Wonderglue, And 2 Scrap Metal

Stealth Boy, (MUCH scarcer than in Fallout 3) Stealth Boys turn you invisible for a limited amount of time and increase your Sneak skill to 100 for that same period of time Keep reserve at home and one on your person

Equipment : Misc Keep as many of the listed things you can find in your house, (don't sell unless the need for caps is critical), as they are used in crafting at campfire or workbench. Fission Batteries Scrap Metal Scrap Electronics Wrench Duct Tape Wonderglue Beer Sunset Sarsaparilla Nuka Cola Whiskey Wine Mantis Foreleg Gecko Meat Banana Yucca Fruit Honey Mesquite Pod Barrel Cactus Fruit Coyote Tobacco Chew Prickly Pear Fruit Empty Whiskey Bottles (Large And Regular) Tin Cans (Not Bent) Yeast Turpentine Gecko Hides (Green,Golden, Fire, And Regular) All Types Of Eggs (mainly for the quest "Bleed Me Dry" from "The Thorn") Pilot Lights Sensor Modules Empty Syringes Cigarettes (Cartons, And Packs, not singles), used to return for Sierra Madre Casino chips IMPORTANT! Radscorpion Poison Glands Bark Scorpion Poison Glands Cazador Poison Glands NightStalker Tails Deathclaw Hands Maize Pinto Bean Pods Fresh Pears Fresh Apples Fresh Carrots Fresh Potatos Purified Water Coffee Mugs Coffee Pots Brahmin Meat NightStalker Blood Centaur Blood Coyote Meat Dog Meat Bighorner Meat Abraxo Cleaner Detergent Pressure Cookers Metal Cooking Pans Pots Metal Cooking Pots Cherry Bombs Steam Gauge Assembly Firehose Nozzle Jalapeno Peppers Daturana Root Xander Root Missiles Mini Nukes, (MUCH scarcer than in Fallout 3) Legion Currency, (convert to casino chips to convert to caps)

Equipment : Ammo Keep Listed Ammo on Self, (amounts for regular play, in Hardcore, ammo has weight)

1500 .308 Rounds Bought at GunRunners, also buy Armor Piercing Variant 2000 12.7mm Rounds Bought at GunRunners 500 .45-.70 Govt. Rounds Found in Wasteland 250 .44 Magnum Rounds Found in Wasteland, Make Hand Load Variant 650 .45 Rounds, (only available if you have "Honest Hearts") Bought at GunRunners 250 .50 MG Rounds Bought at GunRunners, Buy Armor Piercing, and Incendiary Variants Shot Gun ammo, (Slugs are more useful) Ammo also available from Sgt. Contreras at Camp McCarran. (Hollow point ammo is not much use)

Main Followers

Boone Must Complete Quest "One For My Baby" Perk : Spotter, Causes all Enemies to light up red when looking down sights or through a scope Located at Novac Quest : I Forgot to Remember to Forget Weapons : Hunting Rifle, Machete, (give Combat Knife, or Chance's Knife and a Sniper Rifle and .308 ammo) Rating 4/5 Type : Human

ED-E Located at Primm Must fix ED-E with 3 Scrap Metals, 2 Scrap Electronics, and 2 Sensor Modules Perk : Enhanced Sensors, Causes red enemy tick marks on Pip Boy to appear from farther away Quest : ED-E, My Love Weapons : Laser Blaster, Plasma Blaster Rating 5/5 Type : Robot

Veronica Located at 188 Trading Post Perk : Scribe Assistant, Veronica can act as a workbench Quest : I Could Make You Care Weapons : Power Fist, 10mm Submachine Gun, (may give Oh Baby or Pushy) Rating 5/5 Type : Human

Rex Located At "The King's School Of Impersonation" in Freeside Quest : Nothin' But A Hound Dog Perk : Search and Mark, Causes all valuable items to light up green when looking through sights or a scope Weapons : Bite Rating 3/5, (behavior not easily controlled) Type : Robot

Lily Located at Jacobstown Quest : Guess Who I Saw Today Perk : Stealth Girl, gives you 200% more duration of Stealth Boys Weapons : Assualt Carbine, Vertibird Blade Rating 4/5 Type : Super Mutant

Raul Tejada Located at Black Mountain Quest : Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Perk : Regular Maitenance, Raul will Repair your items to 50% efficiency for caps Weapons : .357 Magnum Revolver, (give Raul a brush carbine, and .44 ammo) Rating 3/5 Type : Ghoul

Rose Of Sharon Cassidy (Cass) Located at Mojave Outpost Perk : Whiskey Rose, Keeps all Positive effects of Whiskey and eliminates all negative effects Weapons : Caravan Shotgun, Knife, (Give her Combat knife and a Hunting shotgun or Dinnerbell and 12 Ga Slugs ASAP) Rating 4/5 Quest : It Left My Heart Type : Human

Arcade Gannon Located at "The Old Mormon Fort" in Freeside Weapons : Plasma Defender Quest : For Auld Lang Syne Rating 4/5 Perk : Better Healing, increases the effectiveness of Stimpaks and Radaway Type : Human

Note: Give all Human Followers Armor ASAP, especially if playing in Hardcore

Houses for your character

Victor's Shack Located at Goodsprings Has bed, pure water, 4 storage areas, Doctor, Merchant, Workbench, Reloading Bench, (Goodsprings), nearby Campfire, Food Source, more water, (Goodsprings Source) Medium Size Loading Sequences : 1 Rating 5/5

Novac Hotel Room Located at Novac Has Irradiated Water, bed, Nearby Workbench and Merchant, Doctor Medium Size Loading Sequences : 1 Rating 4/5

Presidential Suite Located at "The Lucky 38" on the New Vegas Strip Has Pure water, bed, Limited Cap Merchant, Workbench, Reloading Bench, (when upgrades purchased, 100 to 200 caps each) Large Size Loading Sequences : 4 Rating 3/5

All Faction Safe Houses Safehouses exist for all listed Factions Followers of the Apocalypse Caesar's Legion The NCR Brotherhood of Steel Pure Water, Daily Food Restock, Bed, Workbench, Campfire, Merchant, Doctor Loading Sequences : 2 Size : Medium-Large Rating 5/5

Implants Bought, (requires Endurance of 1 per implant) Implants Increase Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Score by 1 or give you Armored Skin or Regenerative Health Buy all Implants Listed NEMEAN Sub-Dermal Armor Perception Strength Endurance Luck Intelligence Agility Charisma

And that my Friends, is my quick Guide.