• DanteVX

    A Strip of Death

    November 12, 2010 by DanteVX

    I have been playing New Vegas since the day of release and I am now playing with a second character. For the most part I have, compared to other people, had a fairly alright experience with Fallout: NV, up until I reached the strip. I am not entirely sure why I played the game the way I did, but I ignored going to the strip for as long as I possibly could, I literally got there when I had done all side quests available to me without going, discovered most of the places and was level 30. During this, which I spent an un-godly amount of time on, I hardly had any problems. I had the occasional Molerat stick their head in a rock and get stuck. The odd Radscorpion, that would try and run towards me but just stay where they were, dogs with float…

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