Something that has always fascinated me is the possibility of non super mutant, non ghoul, non brain in a jar, people how are alive in the fallout universe who were born before The Great War. The oldest person ever lived to be 123 in real life. Obviously that was when you did not worry about super mutants and radiation, and life expectancy was high before the great war. Fallout 1 is the only fallout game which I believe pre war people live. Set in 2161, 84 years after the great war I imagine anywhere from 100 to 2,000 pre war people live in the settlements across the wastes. The youngest born months before the great war, the oldest could be as old as twenty or so, heck there may be people from the Anchorage front Alive during this time. I imagine some of these people remember pre war school, some remember pre war entertainment, some remember driving, a few may even remember their minimum wage high school jobs. These people live in communities like Megaton for example swapping stories for food and protection. By Fallout 2 All pre war people have died out. Those from before the war are ghouls or super mutants or had their brains in a jar etc... However in 2277 Four people from before the war, a soldier named Elliot, a kid named Sally, a cowboy named Paulson, and a samurai named Toshiro are unfrozen abored a Alien ship. The oldest of these Toshiro is at least 715 years old, making him the oldest pre war person alive, although all these people broke the rules by being frozen at one point. Since Fallout New Vegas takes place just four years later it is conceivable that all of these people are still alive, although Paulson left the Alien Space ship and disappeared so he may of died.