I used to play fallout new Vegas for a good week or two, but the perks are cool its just there's something missing for example theirs no perk for weapon/apparel condition since repairing weapons is expensive (I'm trying to get my YCS repaired but I killed Major Knight because he owe me caps --"). Anyways I'll make up some perks and I want to know if there over powered are not I'm not a modded it's just a suggestion.

  • Perk: weapon smith
  • Requirements: Strength 9, Intellegenice 9, Guns 50, level 30
  • Effect: All energy weapons and guns have 15% more condition
  • Perk: Mid-life crisis
  • requirements: Level 50, 1perk
  • effect: you can increase any skill by 30 points but must have a perk related to the skill your going to increase to use it
  • Perk: Red Dead
  • Requirements: Strength 7, Luck 6, Survival 50, level 30, Life giver perk
  • effect: you regain 10% health per minute when not in combat.