"Boom", the force of the hunting shotgun blast knocked the bandit leaders body halfway across the room where it landed in a crumpled heap. The gun was wielded by a tall, black haired, green eyed man of about fifty years of age, dressed in pre war combat armor. "Ha, I thought that that one would put up more of a fight" the man softly said to himself. The man slowly reloaded his gun as he made his way towards the body, carefully counting each shell as it entered the gun. As he neared the body a small moan escaped the bandits lips. "I'm kind of disappointed BroadJaw, I hear all this crap about how your one of the most dangerous bandits in Arkansas and this is all I get. An inbred idiot with less brain cells then a radroach." " Your luck...will run out... someday Paul." BroadJaw said in a barely audible whisper. " And yours ran out today." replied Paul as he put a 12 gage slug into BroadJaws forehead. As he looted the bandits body Paul started to think about his past. He started to think about how Paul LaLuapa the ranch kid became Paul LaLuapa the bandit hunter.