Oh look, another fallout 4 wishlist. I know that there are quite a few of these, I don't care. First off, I want some of the weapons from the previous games, like the AK-47 from Fallout: Tactics, the Desert Eagle from the first Fallouts, or maybe even the Assault Carbine from Fallout: New Vegas. Another thing is dual-wielding weapons. I think that Fallout 4 should have the ability to pilot a vehicle. Maybe an untouched-by-the-war truck or a Vertibird or even a brahmin. New mods would help like a masterkey or grenade launcher, and the original mods are fine. A new location is necessary. For example, Canada or Texas. Places like LA and DC are too obvious, since Fallout 1,2, and 3 took place there. And the last thing would be put in some new factions well as the classics like the Brotherhood of Steel. So to sum it up, I want some of the weapons from all the Fallouts as well as new weapons, dual-wielding small weapons (like pistols and small SMGs), vehicles and mountable animals, new mods as well as the old mods, a new location, and finally new and old factions.