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This is the main questline for Fallout 4. Keep in mind that many factors, groups and locations mentioned in the main game's article may not be used here because of the very fact that many things in Fallout games just come with exploring. Some portions of the game may not be experienced by the player if he/she sticks only to the main quest. This article, on the other hand, is exclusively about the main questline.

The game starts in a ruined building, where the Murderous Biker (how the player-character is referred to) is sent to kill a certain man under a contract. The man’s name is Leben, and the contract says a handsome payment will be waiting for the Biker if he/she takes care of the job effectively. A note with details, a piece of Leather Armour, a .307 revolver, a combat knife, a pair of brass knuckles, an energy pistol and 3x stimpacks is all the Murderous Biker carries in the beginning. The player is then given a quick tutorials on the controls (crouching, running, jumping) while chasing the man through the many corridors of the building, until the point where Leben finds a dead-end and is face to face with the player. The former then asks “What do you want? Who are you?”, to which the player has to answer with his/her given name. Then a cinematic gives him/her the chance to choose between any of the four weapons he/she has got, to then kill Leben. The latter begs for his life, and when the player is about to kill him, an explosion takes place. A team of armed men breaks through the wall and tells him/her to drop their weapons and lay on the floor, whereas Leben escapes through a window unnoticed.

The leader of the men (who call themselves the Policers), named Luke, then asks the player many questions about what he was doing there, and if he/she has any special abilities to help them get the bikers who were terrorising the vicinities and, according to them, the “whole of our beloved Oklahoma”. After he/she tells him all he wants, he says that he needs the players’ help to try and locate a certain Leben, member of the legendary Wasteriders. At this point, the player may even say “What an irony that you jerks just stopped me from killing him”, to which Luke responds that he doesn’t want Leben dead, just barely able to have a little chat about his little friends. They set out, together with the player, and as they leave the building, the player is presented with the astonishing devastated landscape of the plains, with mesas rising in the horizon and the bright sun bathing the ruined buildings about. One Policer jokes that “what ya doin’ with no Pip-Pem? Writin’ down thengs on them papers!” and laughs. Luke says that the player needs to get a Pip-Palm to be more effective in the hunt. He/she is then directed to a nearby building called RobCo Oklahoma. There begins the Pip-Venture Quest (the first in the questline).


The player has to face the dangers (bandits and nightstalkers) in the RobCo Oklahoma facility to find the Pip-Palm on the 3rd floor of the building.


1. Fight of the Bandits at the facility entrance;

2. Find your way to the 3rd floor;

3. Hack the system or unlock the production line safe and get your Pip-Palm;

After this quest, the player can much better explore and enjoy the wasteland, as he/she can keep track of all information needed for the game.

Wasted but armed

Getting the Pip-Palm was just the first step, now the player has to get guns and ammo (choosing the gun to kill Leben was essential as that is the gun that stays with the player, since he/she loses all others during the commotion in the building). Also, that is the kind of combative skill the game will choose for the player; but obviously the player can change that choice.

After getting the RobCo amazing device (for a simple wastelander), the player receives a call from a certain Tony Stresser, who says he’s from a town called Pauls Valley. He says he listened through radio interceptions what happened in the incident with Leben and the Policers. He wants to talk to the player.


1. Answer Tony Stresser’s call;

2. Go to Pauls Valley;

3. Talk to Stresser; he’ll tell you about the conflicts in the Plains Wasteland;

4. Get your guns and ammo with the local merchant;

Wasteriders in the Sky

After talking back to Tony Stresser, he tells the player about the mysterious “disappearance” of the former protectors of the Plains Wasteland, the Wasteriders, and how they kept talking about finding the Hidden City that stood somewhere in the middle of the vast plains. He then directs the player to Benjamin Swales, who is an old man in Lawton, a tribal-like town not too far. Swales tells the player all he knows about the Wasteriders, and calls them “a strange bunch, who had strange intentions about which nobody knew”.


1. Go to Lawton.

2. Talk to Mr. Swales about the Wasteriders.

3.Go to the Abandoned Wasteriders Outpost, near the OK-NM Biker Point East, and investigate the place.

4.Read the Wasteriders’ logs.

Ride the Lightning

At this point, the player – through reading the Wasteriders’ logs finds out about a new hideout set near Santa Rosa, NM. He/She needs to get to the Biker Point. There, the player learns about the nuances of riding on the highways, where to leave, fix and refuel the motorcycles. When actually entering the Highway I40 zone to go to New Mexico, he/she also learns how to fight while riding – and learns it while fighting off a band of outlaws.

Upon arriving at the given hideout, the player is ambushed by some bikers. They make him/her drop their weapons and kneel, and ask about their intentions in such a desert location. The leader of the group is actually Leben, and when asked about why someone would send a gun-for-hire to kill him, he just says he is a Wasterider, and everyone thinks they’re dead, “and if not dead, that we should be dead”. Leben says that he knows the Murderous Biker could kill him – and should –, but that the Wasteriders could pay him/her a lot more money if he/she helped them with something. The player can choose to resist and kill Leben anyway (this way, he/she is directed to the quest “Dilemmas, dilemmas”, and forever shunned and chased by Wasteriders, leaving him/her no choice but to stay in the Plains Wasteland and siding with another group that could guarantee his/her safety). If agreed, Leben then redirects the player to the Wasteriders current HQ, in the abandoned Vault 31.


1. Talk to Sheila in OK-NM Biker Point East.

2. (Optional) Get a new motorcycle.

3. Travel through the I40, and fight off the outlaws.

4. Get to the new Wasterider hideout.

5. Go to Vault 31.

Oklahoma Mysteries

When getting to Vault 31, Leben and the other will already be back at their base. The player finds out that their leader is actually an experienced biker named Jerome, who has fought many highway wars. He tells the player about the Wasteriders’ past, and about how they settled in the Plains Wasteland and earned the respect of the people over the years. He claims all they had done thus far was for the best of their people, and that critical times were coming, since the radiation apparently coming from the Hidden City was reaching new areas at an alarming speed. He tells the player about a secret item needed to save the place, that the people in Lawton believe to be sacred, and that is part of an old experiment of a “brilliant man of the past”. The player goes to Vault 33 (where the item is supposed to be located) and soon finds out through the man’s (whose name was Mark) logs that the item he had been developing was actually a GECK, as part of the social experiments of Vault-Tec.


1. Explore the Wasteriders Headquarters. Look for a man named Jerome.

2. (Optional) Ask Leben about the Hidden City.

3. Travel to Vault 33.

4. Escape the sandstorm in Southern Oklahoma.

5. Survive the Pack of Deathclaws at the entrance.

6. Find your way into Vault 33 and get all of Mark’s holotapes.

7. Find the GECK prototype and bring it to Jerome.

Dilemmas, dilemmas

When leaving Vault 31 again, the player is interrupted by a call from a mysterious man. This man says that the Wasteriders do not have good intentions for whatever they are up to. He says he knows what their role in the fate of the Plains Wasteland really is. The player is then instructed to meet this man in Pauls Valley. Upon getting there, the player finds out that the man is a Lurking Death member, named Uriah, and that he is the gang’s leader’s right hand. Uriah tells the player all the truth about the Wasteriders’ disappearance. He says that they wanted a new nuclear fission power technology for their bikes so they could get ahead in the highway wars against their nemeses. The two places to go to were the Poseidon Energy branch in Tulsa, and the Hades Nuclear Power Plant in the Hidden City, where they could then get all the components they needed to carry out their plans.

While in the Hidden City (which was at the time perfectly inhabitable and even had some lost individuals and children), they managed to get to the reactor core room underground in the NPP, but while trying to extract the components apparently dormant there, they accidentally set off a circuit override. Many died instantly in an explosion, but most of them managed to escape the facility, leaving the incautious inhabitants of the city to die during an enormous meltdown in the Power Plant. Uriah says that a group of Lurking Death bikers had followed some of them, in an attempt to find out where the mythic Hidden City was, and witnessed from afar the commotion just before the accident.

Uriah tells the player that he/she should talk to the Moonfall members, who are really willing to help the people in Oklahoma.


1. Go to Pauls Valley to talk to the mysterious caller.

2. Talk to Moonfall members near Tulsa.

The dance of death

After talking to some Moonwalk members and knowing about their intentions on researching the area and “knowing the enemy more and more”, the player is directed by Nate, their leader, to acquire three components essential to fight the radiation spreading out from the Hidden City. The three components, when put together, are capable of generating a gas that can neutralise the Cesium-137 particles. One can be found in energy cores of robots in RobCo Oklahoma. The other can be found inside Vault 45, a treacherous place for the presence of Gravediggers (resulted from the disease-spreading experiment Vault-Tec had planned for this vault), and the high levels of radiation. The third and final component can be found inside Poseidon Chemicals, a little east of Redemption. When getting back to Nate, he will then tell the player that he needs about 3 days for the production of the gas by the Moonfall scientists.


1. Talk to Nate about the Hidden City.

2. Find the 3 components for the Cesium particles neutraliser gas.

3. Talk back to Nate, and hand the components to him.

The Frontier

This is the point where the game heads towards its last moments. It is time for the player to decide which is the best future for the people in the Plains Wasteland. Upon leaving the shack where Nate and other Moonfall members are, the player receives calls from four different groups: the Anti-Utopians, the Wasteriders, the Caesar’s Legion and the Policers. If the player has not got in contact with any of them by this point (which is very unlikely, given that the main quest is not the only factor in Fallout that attracts players, especially the explorer type of players), this is the time to know them all.

The arguments, objectives and endings of each one are as follows:

The Frontier: the Anti-Utopians

“Listen well, rider. We’ve known about your deeds, some of them good, some of them despicable, for the people of the plains. Time for you to pay them your dues: you came all the way here to kill, so you should now give life: true life, free life, for any and all. We want you to bug the radio system in the Policers’ HQ in Dallas,TX. After that, pick up a pistol we’ll leave at a garbage can near the station, and kill their leader, that pig Luke. The pistol is one of theirs, and the thick asses will think one of them killed their own leader and run amok. Then the true freedom from those authoritarian bastards will be set. After that, meet us on the 66 on the way to the now-not-so Hidden City. Yes, we’ve known about the secrets.” - Oswald.

When getting to the NPP sided with the AUs, the player will face forces from the Wasteriders, the Moonfall, and Caesar’s Legion.

Upon winning, the player frees the people in the plains from all the political, hierarchical intricacies that might affect them, making them truly free. However, the problem of the radiation still grows, soon reaching Pauls Valley and Lawton, and killing many. The order in the towns is not very promising either, but the people suffer no more power oppression.

The Frontier: The Policers

“Stranger, this is Luke talkin’. Lissn’ up, I got a proposition for ya: there’s sum unwanted characters sniffing around our mighty cities in Texas AND Oklahoma, can you believe it? We heard ‘bout what ya did for them Moonfelllers and that the way to Hidden “Town” is finally open. We wanna slice o’ dat pie too, but first I need ya to kill all them spies in them towns around ‘ere. Think ya can do that? Get back to me when you’re done, pardner.”

After killing the spies, the Policers will be at the NPP site, where the battle against the Legion, Moonfall and Wasteriders will begin.

Upon winning, the player leaves the whole of the Plains Wasteland (even New Mexico now) under the rule of the Policers. While probably not the best political choice that people deserve, they can actually bring law and order to the region. However, they completely ignore scientific and cultural advances, and health care becomes a major issue. The radiation also advances.

The Frontier: The Legion

“I heard you’re the hero of the day, wastelander. This is Centurion Adrian, speaking for the Legion of the great Caesar. We have a promising future with us if you help us bring down the terrible, decadent cancer that permeates these lands. The radiation is spreading fast, and so are the vices and disorder of these people. Help us bring down all the leaders of the major parties around here by setting up a diplomatic meeting between them to discuss serious matters of the area.”

When setting up a meeting through calling all the other four leaders (Luke, Jerome, Nate and the AU representative Oswald), the conversations get heated and a gunfight breaks out. The player has to fight the many soldiers of the different factions back, as they will shoot anyone who is not their own. After that, the player steals the neutraliser gas from the Moonfall and hands it to the Legion soldiers.

The future in the Plains Wasteland is uncertain, since the Legion is a cruel and supremacist group. They seize the land, slave many, enlist others, and reiterate their power in the Wasteland, this time moving a step closer to the East Coast. The radiation problem is over, and the Hidden City becomes the Nova Roma, the new capital of the Caesar’s Legion.

The Frontier: Wasteriders

“Rider, you’ve had your history with us. Good rep.: All you’ve done for us and for the plains will now be repaid. Bad rep.: And we’re willing to forget everything that happened. Now is the time for us all to redeem ourselves, and work for a better future in the plains. Help us spread the word that the Wasteriders have the future of Oklahoma in their hands (with the GECK having been finally crafted by hired scientists), and that we’re ready to be heroes again.” - Leben.

After talking to the leader in every city in OK, TX and NM, and convincing them through fairly hard Speech checks to support the Wasteriders, the player meets the bikers at Hades. There, the battle commences, and eventually ends.

Upon winning, the Wasteriders can indeed set order and peace across the plains, but not for long. Their lack of sense of laws and justice leads the cities to social mayhem, but after a while, that becomes a status quo, and for the people of the Plains Wasteland, as long as the radiation is no longer a problem (which it is not, since the Wasteriders have used the GECK and the gas stolen from the Moonfall), they are content.

The Frontier: Moonfall

“You know us, Biker. All we want is that the people here thrive based on values of dignity, common welfare, knowledge, and the natural equilibrium. When Moon falls, a new day rises, and with it, new hopes.” - Nate.

After listening from Nate, the player fixes many tractors with autoparts bought from Biker Points across the wasteland, and the Moonfall members use the tractors to spread the gas and “neutralise” the air from radiation. When arriving at Hades, the player still has to deal with the other four factions, especially in order to avoid a second disaster.

Upon winning, the Moonfall brings peace and safety against the radiation to all the people in the Plains Wasteland. Nevertheless, they know little in the ways of leadership, and order becomes an issue after a while, since the population does not know who to run to in case of social maladies.

Hades NPP: The Ultimate Dungeon

Cffinale last

While playing Fallout 4, the Murderous Biker comes across several dungeons, including caverns, fortifications, vaults and the sewers in Dallas. However, none of them is as lethal as the source of the ever increasing radiation levels in Oklahoma: the Hades Nuclear Power Plant.

It is a huge concrete structure that stands out in the landscape, even compared to the city skyscrapers. Its chimney tops present a scary sight, and its depths a dark, cold, radioactive hell.

The area around the NPP is absolutely lethal; suits, many Rad-X pills and loads of Radaway will be needed here (if playing the Realistic Hardcore mode, make sure you get a hold of the best gasmask in the game too). It has three surface levels, and two underground levels.

In the surface levels, the only problem is actually the radiation. During the final battle, some of the enemy forces can be found here. But once inside the deep underground levels, the trip takes a turn, for the player gets closer and closer to the reactor cores, increasing the level of radiation leaking from them to a point in which one cannot stand it for some minutes (which makes the task in the Real. Hardcore mode even more hurried when fighting the enemies).

Serpetines are also a problem. On the first underground level, there are a few regular ones; but as one reaches the second level, the Hades Serpentines appear, showing their vicious claws and spitting acid power.