Hello, everybody! Following this little text is a video with my words of gratitude for the support and the votes of everyone who helped me win the Apprentice. Thank you all, guys! I truly wouldn't have got here if it weren't for you. All this has been very special and enriching, all this creative process into which I had to delve to help me become a better writer and a better Fallout fan. And this is a special moment for me; to be a part of this, to have grown with this, is very honourable.

That said, let's get to the video already.

Crimson Frankie's final announcement for Fallout The Apprentice03:52

Crimson Frankie's final announcement for Fallout The Apprentice

And this is Agent's present. You deserve it and more, mate!

FOA Finale

By the way, I've got a BMP and a PNG version of the same picture, so let me know if you want a better quality one. ;-)

That is it, everyone. Again, a big thanks to everyone who contributed to this victory, and don't forget the talent of ALL our contestants this year. They've all been amazing!