We all know of the neverending drama surrounding the release of Fallout 4, and how Bethesda have been denying any comment on the matter. They prefer to keep to themselves (which is their own way of treating things, we've seen it before), and not to unveil any info on the next installment. Fair enough. But we also know of the several marketing strategies the same guys have been brewing up throughout the past years to boost their peripheral sales by using pointless products, thus exploiting the Fallout brand as much as they can.

Well, I'm here to share two articles (written by me and another Fallout fan, Richard Costa), where we try to touch upon such a subject in a more critical way. Feel free to leave comments.

The links can be found just below:

link The Legacy and Continuity of the Fallout Series is more Important than Irrelevant By-products - This is my article.

Dear Bethesda, Stop Whoring Out the Fallout Brand: A Manifesto - This is Richard's article.

I hope you can see our points clearly and see through Bethesda's exploitative moves. And please, spread the word if you can.