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No more dictatorship. No more tyranny. No more corruption. That's good. But what is rising in Vegas is disturbing, human. People gutting each other out for bones and bullets.Marcus

Uprisings is the fifth add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. It brings an aftergame storyline to Fallout: New Vegas in case the player has decided to side with Yes Man to solve the main quest.


In Uprisings, the scenario in the Mojave has changed a lot. Five years have passed since the Courier, with the aid from Yes-Man, struck Hoover Dam and brought both the NCR and the Caesar's Legion down. In 2283, with no political hierarchy or notions of power and diplomacy, the social nuclei of New Vegas ran amok, and small disruptions began to take place. The Followers were overloaded with work, having to attend to everyone's difficulties, and gangs began to form. In 2284, the Kings tried to solve the situation by imposing fear on the population, and during many months, a siege was built around Freeside (form where almost all the problems had come). But the Kings could not hold the siege for much long. A gang called the Fists assaulted the Gun Runners and got possession of powerful weaponry and ammunition, killing many Kings in a fierce battle that took the lives of several innocents as well. Then the population also rebelled against the Kings and the gangs alike. Many robberies took place, the Atomic Wrangler was sacked and taken from the Garrets, and total chaos was installed. Finally, in 2287, the order in the city could no longer hold on, and a general uprising took place, in which gangs, citizens, merchants and Securitrons got involved in a massacre called the Bloody Week. Since then, different "tribes" or minor factions have declared war to each other and taken over the main income providers of Vegas: the casinos.

The different scenarios

This is a brief summary of the scenarios in each of the main locations in Fallout: New Vegas as of the beginning of Uprisings:


Freeside is the "antechamber" of the Strip. And as such, the revolts and social fragmentations started here. The Kings could not hold their power and influence over the Freesiders any longer, and became just another rival gang towards the others now existant. The Fists control the gun-trading and weaponry in general(stolen from the nearby Gun Runners), whereas the Blood Carriers have taken over the water distribution in the city, dictating the will of the common people in exchange for clean water. Other minor gangs terrorise the local population, harrassing bypassers and robbing supplies from the Followers of the Apocalypse. The Kings still have the respect of the people in Freeside; but respect does not mean much in a land ruled by blood and fire. Many murder attempts have been made against the King himself over the years, but none of them successful. He now resides in a hidden location somewhere around the city (the player will only discover his hideout during the quest Putting down the fire ).

Mormon Fort

The Mormon Fort became a go-to place for the wounded and the impoverished. Julie Farkas passed away during a trip to the Zion Canyon to meet Happy Trails Caraveneers and get fresh medical supplies; she and her crew could not stand the long journey to the Canyon, eventually got lost and perished. Arcade Gannon now presides the Fort, and is in the constant verge of a breakdown. The extremely crowed tents and the lack of meds (together with the recurrent thefts from Freeside gangs) have put the Followers in a very delicate position since the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

The Strip

Once the gold and bright of Vegas, the Strip has fallen into decadence. With Mr. House having been killed, the order in the casinos has been broken.

  • The Ultra-Luxe Casino was eventually invaded by revolters, and the dirty secret of the White Glove Society was revealed to the people; the members of the ancient family were lynched in the middle of the Strip, and the casino sacked by the populace. During Uprisings, the player finds the Ultra-Luxe to be a den of degeneration, with many drug-dealers and junkies scattered around the casino's corridors and rooms. Almost all of them will turn hostile when seeing the Courier.
  • The Tops is still run by the Chairmen, who still want to "get Vegas back to its glory". They have transformed the casino into a fortress, and Heston is their leader. The player has to talk to him during the quest Putting down the fire.
  • The Gomorrah has become the house of the Fading Stars. They are a nihilistic sect that believe in cruelty towards humans as the best remedy against the harshness of the wasteland. They believe that mankind is to be swept from the Earth if Nature is to thrive again. They have come from California, where they had a base of operations in a place known as the Vile Chapel; but they were attacked by a certain stranger with heavy guns and true grit, so they fled east until getting to the Mojave. Seeing Vegas' chaotic and anarchic situation, and having heavy firepower at hand, the Fading Stars decided to move in, and took over the casino after killing all the Omertas and other members of the staff. They constantly kidnap locals from Freeside to perform their cannibalistic and torture rituals. They also control prostitution on the Strip, usually making prostitutes available for torture sessions for the more sadistic customers. The Fading Stars are the only faction in New Vegas - apart from the Kings - that will not be hostile towards the player at first. They actually have sidequests for him/her to kidnap people for their rituals.
  • The Lucky 38 has become the fortress of the Securitrons left by the Courier to supposedly protect the New Vegas people. The Securitrons no longer respond to anyone, and are completely hostile. They evacuated into the casino after being thrashed by rocks and molotov cocktails during the Bloody Week. Many stay on the casino floor, but almost all of them are either in the penthouse, or in the underground levels.


After wandering and finding no place to settle down, the Powder Gangers decided to strike Primm once more (like their allies. However, this time, they met a powerful resistance from the locals, led by Meyers, the ruthless sheriff. After some weeks of conflict, the Powder Gangers decided to offer a deal to the citizens: the former would provide the latter with explosives and manpower for mining activities at the mines near Camp Searchlight, and they wanted part of the Vikki and Vance's profit in exchange. The Primm citizens agreed, and now they all work together for the good of the city. The city is a good place for players specialised in Explosives, since there is a merchant selling missile launchers, grenade rifles, dynamites and the like in the Bison Steve. In Uprisings, Powder Gangers will be found both in Primm and in all the mines to the southeast of the Mojave.

Hoover Dam

The Dam will be the main "base of operations" for the Courier during the add-on storyline, so to speak. Many friendly Securitrons will be found inside it and in its surroundings. In the control room, Yes-Man will be found. He is now the master of the Securitrons, and according to him, "Hey, good to see you! You probably already know, but I have upgraded my AI Core to the Cheeky Dude Personality Enhancer 2.0 software! It's awesome! Now I can answer for myself, and I have something you humans usually call will! The Securitrons are now controlled by me, and I've never had this much fun! A hell of an enhancement, isn't it?". Of course, Yes-Man will be crucial for the resolution of the main quest, and he will provide the code for the access of the Lucky 38 Securitrons so that the Courier can use them on his/her side. But not before some favours are done in return.


Jacobstown can easily be considered the most prosperous settlement during Uprisings. Marcus has managed to cure the Nightkin (who now fully defend the place), and now Dr. Henry has the aid of Dr. Usanagi, who fled from the chaos of New Vegas. She says she has found peace among the mutants, and that, funnily enough, they are far more civilised and rational than the "beasts that call themselves humans in Vegas". Marcus and the inhabitants of Jacobstown will also play an important role in the main quest Putting down the fire.


Novac became a Bright Brotherhood home, and the remaining ghouls stationed at the REPCONN test site set up a new haven for their faith there. They have tried to help any travellers that passed through with supplies, and together with the remnants of the city, thrived a little (despite the constant droughts and the food shortage). The Courier can get a sidequest from Chris Haversam - now Novac's mayor -, in which he/she has to get as many medical supplies for the city as they can.

Other locations

Basically, many other locations in the Mojave have become homes for either refugees from Vegas, gangs, or NCR remnants (the latter are all holed up in the REPCONN Headquarters, and will shoot the Courier on sight. All the Ranger Stations have been burnt down. Nelson and Boulder City are nothing but abandoned cities that only serve for poor looting. North Vegas and Westside are dens of criminality, and the people in the Thorn have been slaughtered by the Fists. The Boomers have been heavily affected by a disease brought by more outsiders that were accepted in the city (after the Courier proved that outsiders could also be believed, they thought that their isolationist politics were not that efficient). Many died, few survived. These few are extremely hostile, and despite the place being excellent for looting, they will shoot - or rather blow up - the player on sight.

Main Quest: Putting Down the Fire

After the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam, the Courier went west, probably back home. In the beginning of the DLC (which starts with a slideshow depicting the situation in the Mojave and stating that "It is time for you to return. It is hard to let go, but it is harder to watch the people you tried to help perishing under a constant bloodbath"; the slideshow is narrated by Doctor Mitchell). According to the story, you received a letter from Marcus and begin the DLC at the Entrance of Jacobstown. Marcus says "How irresponsible of you to leave these people to their own fate, eradicating their possible leaders to feed your ego and self-righteousness, and then leave their future up for grabs. They need you now, Courier". Marcus then tells you briefly how bad and chaotic Vegas is. He assigns you with your first objective in the mission: to talk to Dr. Usanagi. From then on, the quest is divided into five parts:

  • First, Usanagi says that the Followers need serious help, and that Arcade is the one to talk to. She tells you to deliver some meds to him and ask him about what needs to be done to get New Vegas back on her feet.
  • When getting to Freeside, the Courier can witness its harsh reality. Gangs will attack him/her, and it becomes hard to get to the Mormon Fort, a task once so easy. When eventually getting there, Arcade scolds the Courier - just like Marcus - and tells him/her that the Followers need help ("You've put us in this, you're gonna get us out of it", he says"). There are three Followers being held hostages in three different casinos on the Strip. The player needs to get them. At this point, he/she gets to know the gangs who have taken over the Strip. The Chairmen hold one of the hostages, and Heston, their new leader, wants some Fists killed in return. The second hostage is with the Fading Stars, and they will give him to the Courier either by asking for some favours (kidnapping locals for rituals, as aforementioned), or by a high Speech check. Finally, the third hostage is with the bandits in the Ultra-Luxe. The only way to get her out is by force or sneaking upon the bandits.
  • When the player gets the hostages back to the Fort in safety, Arcade says that Marcus is calling him/her back at Jacobstown. When there, Marcus says that, for what the Courier did for Jacobstown in the past, he is willing to help by adding some Mutants to the his/her army, but he says that he is not going to risk his people's lives, and that more bodies are needed. He then suggests "the funny robot you left in the Dam may help you", directing you to Yes-Man, who has grown awareness of his actions and his own will.
  • Yes-Man tells the player that he needs an important component for his robots to update their arsenal efficiency and their speed and accuracy. He says that the component is in the Lucky 38. The player can shoot his way through the casino down to the underground and get the component, or he/she can sneak in and disable the hostility functions of the Securitrons on the main terminal on the penthouse floor. After that, he/she returns to the Dam with the component.
  • With Yes-Man's robots updated, the army can be rounded up. The player goes back to Marcus and tells him that it is time. Marcus provides the Courier with about five Mutants during the battle. Marcus will also mention that the King is hiding in the East pump station, and that he/she may talk to him about the situation. The King will tell the player about his dilemma, and will give him/her ammunition and some meds, claiming that it is "for the good of my people".

After all the plans are set, the player begins the last campaign from Freeside, killing the Fists, the Blood Carriers and other gangsters until he/she gets to the Strip, where the fight for the casinos start. At this point, four objective markers saying "Take over the XXXXX casino" will appear for each one. After being dealt with, the player has to go back to the Strip North Gate and meet Marcus, Arcade and Yes-Man. He/she then has to decide which one will lead New Vegas.

The leaders' arguments and endings

  • Yes-Man - "You know how cool I am! And let's be honest, YOU caused all this mess... but you cleaned it up! Not without my help though. You know I'm the best for this city, and I've never been so happy and hopeful with humanity than since I received its most human trait: free will! Awesome." - Yes-Man's endings guarantees security for the people of Vegas, but many leave the city because the robot just won't help the Followers. He concentrates on the security and organisation, leaving health and education aside.
  • Marcus - "What needs to be done will be done here, human. Sooner or later. My people and I are prospering in Jacobstown, but that doesn't mean that we can't extend our generosity to these people. I've had my share of social problems and resolutions." - Marcus concentrates on social order and peace, but people want entertainment. He thinks the casinos are an evil, but the people disagree. However, the Mutants and Nightkin are an intimidating force, and that somewhat assures the local peace.
  • Arcade - "I've dedicated myself to Vegas for a long time now. I know them. I belong to them. Now, finally, with Usanagi's help, the Followers can truly attend to these people as it should be done. Besides, a friend calls from Novac, and says that he's interested in talking about an alliance." - If Arcade takes over, health and an alliance with the Bright Brotherhood will be assured, but the Followers represent no intimidating symbol as a group. Public peace may be threatened, but the lives and knowledge of Vegas are secured.


  • In Uprisings (as in the other DLCs), the level-cap will be raised by 5.
  • Uprisings is the only DLC in which the player can recruit companions. It is also the only one which extends the game's story beyond the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam.