Don feels so much in power. What he doesn't know is that he sits on his own ruin. Those weapons will be mine. I'll bring him down from underneath... if you know what I mean.— Rubin Fawkes

Bellica is a city in southern California in 2161. It is located southeast of Boneyard and northwest of the West Tek Research Facility (aka the Glow).


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A brief history of Bellica in a timeline format.

Bellica sits on the ruins of a myriad of small cities destroyed by the Great War. It is a large human settlement, and it's divided into three major urban areas (named after three pre-war cities): Santa Ana, Irvine, and Corona; with Santa Ana standing out as its city center and main functional area. It is primarily a weaponry-trading center, but it also stands out as a passing route for those who come from Mexico to the north or for those seeking adventure in the Glow.


The first wanderers reached the ruins of the four ill-fated cities in approximately 2126, and most of them were migrating from the Hub during the Great Merchant Wars. After exploring the area, they settle around Irvine (often referred to as Old Town), south of downtown. They restructure most of the surrounding buildings, and as more people come from the Hub and Boneyard, the southern district of Bellica begins to prosper. In Irvine, the settlers developed a strong commercial center, and a man named Marvin Oldman was elected mayor, marking a democratic apogee in the history of Bellica. At that time, the city was named Marvinville as a homage to its first man in office.

Sudden arrivals

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Don Liberty, leader of the Brotherhood outcast soldiers who failed to explore the Glow and invaded Marvinville.

In 2135, some of the men previously led by Dennis Allen were returning from the ill-fated voyage to the Glow. They were still armed (some of them had actually never entered the Glow), and seized control of Marvinville by force. Don Liberty was their leader. Armed with Brotherhood power armors, they scared some of the Marvinville’s citizens off and forced the rest of the people to explore the surrounding urban areas for them. Marvin Oldman was killed, and in order to make people forget what once was a peaceful and tolerant place, Liberty renamed the city simply as Old Town (also eliminating their sense of pride and regionalism). Old Town was then just a ravaged place, left to perish, with no perspectives of future. Don Liberty and his men led their hostages to a big urban region formerly known as Santa Ana. There, he saw a fortuitous chance to settle down with his small army. The former Marvinville citizens did all the work clearing the dangerous areas then inhabited by mutated creatures. Many died in the process. After five years, in 2130, Santa Ana had been cleared out and rebuilt to house Don Liberty’s retinue.

The Gatekeepers’ Hall

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The Gatekeepers' Hall, administrative center of Bellica.

They needed a central building to serve as headquarters. Finding the Old Santa Ana City Hall was most useful for that endeavour; and after the place was by them occupied, they named themselves the Gatekeepers (for ruling the largest and most promising area in that region), and their HQ, Gatekeepers’ Hall. Don Liberty and his men then released the citizens they had captured from their assault on Old Town. These citizens wandered east and rebuilt the central district of the pre-war city Corona (whose name remained). The Old Towners, however, had failed to thrive in the meantime. On the other hand, they had organized plans to attack Santa Ana as an act of resistance and vengeance against the Gatekeepers. For many years they failed to strike the latter effectively, and after a while, they decided it was best to make amends with their former slavers and develop a diplomatic treaty. The treaty of Bellica was then signed.

The Treaty of Bellica

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The Brahmin herds in Corona.

In 2143, authorities of the three smaller towns (Santa Ana, Old Town and Corona) sat down to discuss diplomatic matters. By then, Santa Ana had been populated reasonably well by traders from Boneyard and gun merchants (especially because the Gatekeepers held a strong arsenal and developed their own manufacturing business, whose reputation spread across the wasteland to be rivaled only by the Boneyard’s Gun Runners); Corona had thrived considerably, thanks to Brahmin herding (special seeds were developed for the animals' feeding, since the soil was strongly poisonous) and trading of essential goods; Old Town was the only one truly impoverished, result from the Gatekeepers’ raid several years before. At the meeting, it was decided that the three cities would merge and be named Bellica (meaning “warlike” in Latin feminine), due to the gun-manufacturing potential of Santa Ana. Since then, measures were planned by Santa Ana and Corona to transform Old Town into a thriving residential area, but Liberty never put those measures into effectiveness.

In 2161

During the events of Fallout, Bellica has become a powerful gun-trading center. Santa Ana represents the downtown district, while Corona stands out as a goods trading district, and Old Town still suffers the contingencies of misery and indifference from the men in power. Don Liberty is still Bellica’s mayor and military commander, and old towners still try to assault financial centers in Santa Ana, in an attempt to bring down the Gatekeepers (by then, the rebels had evolved into an organised group called the Southern Resistance). In one of these attempts, in 2157, an insurgent from Old Town called Rubin Fawkes - their leader - entered Santa Ana’s sewer system to blow the Gatekeeper’s Hall from the underground using a heavy load of explosives stolen from the Gatekeepers themselves. During the action, Fawkes discovered a pre-war bunker with tons of nuclear weapons, from fission-charged rifles to regular nukes.


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A map of the city as drawn by Rubin Fawkes during his plans to blow the Gatekeepers' Hall.

Bellica is divided into four sections: Old Town, a residential territory; Corona, a trading center; Santa Ana South, a gun-trading section; and Santa Ana North, the downtown area.

Old Town

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The Southern Resistance HQ in Old Town.

Formerly known as Marvinville (and before that as Irvine, its pre-war name), Old Town is a poor residential city. Most of the population was slain or enslaved during the Gatekeepers' invasion in 2135. The rest of them live a miserable life, barely making it to adulthood. Some of them, though, still keep the bad feelings towards the Gatekeepers, and created the Southern Resistance, led by Rubin Fawkes.

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Rubin Fawkes, leader of the Southern Resistance.

In the game, Old Town is made up of five buildings scattered around a ruined urban area. Three of these buildings are regular houses for old towners; one of them is a general store called El Camino Glen; and the central building is a large depot that serves as headquarters for the Southern Resistance. Fawkes can be found there.


Founded by former citizens from Old Town who helped rebuild Santa Ana, Corona is a prosperous trading city. Its streets are clean, and its people are apparently happy with the present situation. Many Hub caravans can be seen trading goods in Corona, and water caravans are especially seen here; the Brahmin farms need water for the growing of grass for their feeding. Two general stores can be found in the center of Corona: Mark's and The Getting Place (the former is good for getting clothes and armor, whereas the latter is convenient for getting junk and random equipment, such as shovels, ropes, and tools). The southern area holds three residential buildings. On the northern corners, two other stores can be found: The Good Serpent Infirmary (the name says it all: chems and meds can be bought here) and Ronnie's Crib (where you can find bed, food and drink, as well as information on Bellica's history and characters, since Ronnie is a sort of loudmouth; very much like Beth).

Santa Ana South

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The Heroine, where the Southern Resistance's spy is located.

Santa Ana is the main district in Bellica. It was from its reputation that the city got its name. In Santa Ana South, the player will find mostly gun stores; all of them owned by Gatekeepers' members somehow. The Bad Blood sells mostly melee weapons and unarmed weapons, such as sledgehammers, power fists and rippers. The Glowing Fire sells energy weapons and ammo for these weapons. Lastly, The Heroine sells big guns, such as miniguns and rocket launchers, and small guns, such as shotguns and sniper rifles. The latter's manager is Willie Rock, a spy for the Southern Resistance.

Santa Ana North

This is the main area in Bellica. It is here where the Gatekeepers' Hall is located, and it is here that Don Liberty resides. The large building that serves as their HQ can be seen from the entrance, and houses almost all the members of the Gatekeepers. In the Gatekeepers' Hall is also their guns factory, where they produce the weapons sold in Santa Ana South. Liberty even says that "Santa Ana is my pearl. I can't let anybody else take control of our guns or of our trading. Uniting the cities was a good move, since we can now say what they can or cannot do. And I say: stay away from my weapons!".

Notable quotes

  • This is our city; it has always been. Now he (Liberty) controls our riches, mocks at us old towners, and tears our morality apart with his tyranny. He must die. - Rubin Fawkes.
  • Rubin is a good man. For a boy that saw his father being shot at, and his mother being raped and dismembered, he's quite normal. It's natural that the Resistance is led by him, of everyone else. - Wanda, Rubin's friend and member of the Southern Resistance.
  • Bellica is the future of war engineering. While those foolish Gun Runners make guns for stupid gangsters to use in a dumb neiborhood war in Adytum, we develop weapons for the generations to come. All of that with the Brotherhood of Steel knowledge. - Don Liberty.
  • I tell you what. Mr. Liberty may be an autocrat or a dictator - some say -, but he takes good care of Corona; that's good enough for me. As long as he keeps those guns of his away from my business, it's fine. - Ronnie, owner of Ronnie's Crib in Corona.

Related quests

  • Organise the plot to take the nuclear weapons in Santa Ana: Talk to Rubin Fawkes in Old Town in order to start the quest. Rubin is the leader of the Southern Resistance, and can be found in their HQ. Rubin found nuclear weapons while exploring the tunnels underneath the Gatekeepers' Hall to install explosives and blow the place up. He tells you to talk to Willie Rock, a Southern Resistance spy inside Santa Ana, in order for him to take you to the underground. With him, the player carries the weapons in a cart through the tunnels directly to Old Town. After the end of this quest, Rubin rises to power in Bellica when he reveals to Don Liberty that he is possession of nuclear warfare.
  • Kill Gabriel, the leader of the Gun Runners: Don Liberty is not satisfied with his competitors over in Boneyard, the Gun Runners. He wants you to kill Gabriel, thus ruining the Gun Runners' businesses.
  • Guard the caravans going to the Hub: This is a repeatable quest that the player can get with the owner of The Getting Place, in Corona. The player gets 600 caps to take the caravan to the Hub, and 600 more to return (similar to caravan quests in the Hub itself; except that, in this case, the dangers are much more numerous).


  • If the player does kill Liberty, Old Town will be abandoned and old towners will be seen all over Santa Ana (North and South sections). Rubin Fawkes will be seen at the main office in the Gatekeepers' Hall.
  • The Gatekeepers carry pretty much the same power armor as the Brotherhood of Steel, as well as the same types of guns.

Behind the scenes

  • The three pre-war cities that form the Bellica structure (Santa Ana, Irvine, and Corona) are actual cities in California.
  • Rubin Fawkes is a reference to [Guy Fawkes], the widely known figure who tried to explode the House of Lords in the British Parliament, in 1605 (event known as the Gunpowder Plot).