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  • Crimson Frankie

    We all know of the neverending drama surrounding the release of Fallout 4, and how Bethesda have been denying any comment on the matter. They prefer to keep to themselves (which is their own way of treating things, we've seen it before), and not to unveil any info on the next installment. Fair enough. But we also know of the several marketing strategies the same guys have been brewing up throughout the past years to boost their peripheral sales by using pointless products, thus exploiting the Fallout brand as much as they can.

    Well, I'm here to share two articles (written by me and another Fallout fan, Richard Costa), where we try to touch upon such a subject in a more critical way. Feel free to leave comments.

    The links can be found just be…

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  • Crimson Frankie

    Hello, everybody!

    It's been a while since I last set foot on Nukapedian soil. Many things happened in my life, and unfortunately I had to step away, but that's temporary. I plan to come back as soon as possible. For now, I'd like to leave a link for my compilation of Fallout fan-fic short stories whose very conception started here over a year ago. For those who have read the Forgotten Names of Despair tales, you'll be familiar with this.

    Anyway, I hope all my fellow Fallout freaks enjoy it. ;-)

    The link is just below:

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  • Crimson Frankie

    Hello, everybody! Following this little text is a video with my words of gratitude for the support and the votes of everyone who helped me win the Apprentice. Thank you all, guys! I truly wouldn't have got here if it weren't for you. All this has been very special and enriching, all this creative process into which I had to delve to help me become a better writer and a better Fallout fan. And this is a special moment for me; to be a part of this, to have grown with this, is very honourable.

    That said, let's get to the video already.

    And this is Agent's present. You deserve it and more, mate!

    By the way, I've got a BMP and a PNG version of the same picture, so let me know if you want a better quality one. ;-)

    That is it, everyone. Again, a big …

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  • Crimson Frankie

    This is the main questline for Fallout 4. Keep in mind that many factors, groups and locations mentioned in the main game's article may not be used here because of the very fact that many things in Fallout games just come with exploring. Some portions of the game may not be experienced by the player if he/she sticks only to the main quest. This article, on the other hand, is exclusively about the main questline.

    The game starts in a ruined building, where the Murderous Biker (how the player-character is referred to) is sent to kill a certain man under a contract. The man’s name is Leben, and the contract says a handsome payment will be waiting for the Biker if he/she takes care of the job effectively. A note with details, a piece of Leather Armou…

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  • Crimson Frankie

    Fallout 4 is the latest Fallout installment, published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Frankie’s Triple X Entertainment, released in late 2012 for XBOX 360, Windows and PlayStation 3. It is the fifth major title of the series, this time set in post-nuclear Oklahoma, northern Texas and eastern New Mexico (region named in the game as Plains Wasteland) in 2285, two years after the end of Fallout: New Vegas. Bethesda announced that the game has roughly five times the size of New Vegas’s world (putting together the main areas – Oklahoma West and Centre, Eastern New Mexico and North Texas – plus the highways). Fallout 4 marks the addition of significant novelties in the series: the highway battles, drivable motorcycles (first time a Fallout game ha…

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