I hate to say it, House is the best guy for the job. Definition of job being who can provide the most protection and comfortable existence for the people of New Vegas. His upgraded securitrons are more than capable of defending the Mojave from Caesar's Legion and he is the only one who I think can keep the NCR from starting a war with Vegas after they lose the dam. He can be very diplomatic when he needs to be, like the treaty he negotiationed with the NCR to defend Vegas from the Legion. If after Oliver and Kimball are removed from power over their failure in the Mojave, maybe he can make a new treaty. Something like Vegas pays the NCR and they go after the fleeing Legion (even Lanius admitted that the Legion can't hold land as well as they can take it). Without House the people of Vegas would still be tribals. The great war had been over for 200 years, they must have showed little interest in becoming a organized nation that 200 years. I think that without house, (like in the wild card ending)the people would not rise to a new treat that may come in the future and without someone like House are more likey to fall to the NCR's control. I hate Mr. House, I stongly back the BoS and he wants me to kill them. Plus I hate his condescending attitude but, he is the best guy for the job when all others suck.