Weekly poll
The Weekly poll is a poll every Sunday asking the community what they think about fallout from guns to characters and music to DLC it’s all in the poll! Also got any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

Last weeks polls winner was Light; with 137 votes, with Medium securing 2nd place; with 129 votes, and Heavy coming 3rd; with 55 votes. In this weeks poll I ask Who did you choose to nuke at the end of Lonesome Road.


Yes, this poll has spoilers, but a (at most) 2-4 hour DLC has been out for 2 weeks, most, if not all, pages about LR have been completed, and it is talked about quite commonly in the chat system. In short this is just common knowledge to most active users now, and I'm sorry for those who did not buy it, or anyone who hasn't actually managed to complete it.

Song of the week Poll:Who did you nuke at the end of Lonesome Road