Now smiley people, i dont know about you but the way i play in fallout new vegas i create into a story, as in what my courier does affects him and how his story will turn out, well iv had a lil story knocking about in my head:

The story mainly focuses around the conflict happening in the north vegas area, with the people of north vegas living in the sewers as refugees because of the NCR war up above, The independance of westside as it is completley cut off from NCR support, and the mysterious goings on why the legion have an interest in the two communities. The courier's name is shayne, of british decent and tends to let his diplomatic side sort out most problems, he travels with his best friend Julien, hired as couriers for the mojave express, assiggned to deliver supplies to the people of north vegas. they ar loyal to the NCR and Despises the legion and the fiend raiders, both of which seem to have an interest in the communities.

Was hoping you guys had a title i could use? that would be great :) this story is just for fun by the way