NOTE:I know that this will not be in the game and it probably isn't very good so all of the people who comment stuff about it being terrible just go somewhere else this includes you Tag. Also i don't know what all vaults have been used.


Vaults:Vault 118-Side purpose is to see how the humans inside can survive with high security at Night and Day, Main Purpose is to create an army only the Scientists and Overseer know of, any residents caught out at night are taken to a secret lab to be tested on for military expirements if the tests are a success they are put into a Cryogenic sleep until the vault doors opened 220 years after they are closed. New York City(I know used all the time) Factions:The Resistance:Fighting to remain free off the oncoming efforts of the Mörderhaifisch Raiders. Mörderhaifisch Raiders:a group of raiders who have a strong presence in NYC Central park and most surrounding buildings.

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