(I dont know all of the Vaults tht have already been used or how many were made, ive played fallout 3 and NV(fallout 3 more then NV) but thts it and niether of them in the past month or so)(also remember most of these ideas probably wont be in the game) Vault 153:A Vault designed to open 216 years after it gets closed, its sole purposes are to see how the residents react with strict rules and unknown tests on residents, Protectrons patrolling the vault during the day and SentryBots at night if any1 is caught out at night they are sent to a secret lab that only the Vault scientists and Overseer know of, the captures are then tested on and if the tests succeed they are put into a cryogenic sleep until the vault opens so they can establish a military presence in the wasteland. Located in a military base that wasoverstocked w/ guns and ammo and was abandoned 53 years before the Great War. Population when doors got closed:2000 humans, 300 protectrons, 200 sentry bots Population when doors got opened:2486 humans, 278 protectrons, 193 sentry bots Vault 17: Same as Vault 153 to see how the Vaults armies reacted when encountering eachother in the Wasteland, opens 221 years after its doors get sealed, except this vault doesnt have the patrolling robots and all the test subjects are willing w/ every1 knowing of the tests Located in a large advanced hospital overstocked w/ medical supplies that was abandoned 27 years before the Great War. Population when doors got closed:4000 humans,50 protectrons, and 0 sentry bots Population when doors got opened:4628 humans,38 protectrons, and o sentry bots Vault 48: The only Vault around that was actualy meant to help the residents survive it came equipped with a surplus of everything except weapons and ammo which only the security force had access to the Overseer was put into a chamber much like Mr. House used and it let him control and speak through the limited number of robots in the vault. doors to vault were set to open 500 years after the doors get sealed shut. Located in the side of a mountain Population when doors closed:4000 humans,120 protectrons, and 50 sentry bots Population when doors opened:2483 humans,83 protectrons, and 46 sentry bots

NOTE:I was tired when i wrote these so it might not be very good i'll add to it in the comments tommorow Also any1 have any ideas for more vaults(try to put the same stuff i had above(Vault #,purpose,when it opens,where its located(not state, city, etc.)population of humans protectrons and sentry bots from when it closed to when it opens,