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  • CountryStrong106

    My Fallout 4 ideas

    September 14, 2012 by CountryStrong106

    NOTE:I know that this will not be in the game and it probably isn't very good so all of the people who comment stuff about it being terrible just go somewhere else this includes you Tag. Also i don't know what all vaults have been used.

    Vaults:Vault 118-Side purpose is to see how the humans inside can survive with high security at Night and Day, Main Purpose is to create an army only the Scientists and Overseer know of, any residents caught out at night are taken to a secret lab to be tested on for military expirements if the tests are a success they are put into a Cryogenic sleep until the vault doors opened 220 years after they are closed. New York City(I know used all the time) Factions:The Resistance:Fighting to remain free off the oncom…

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  • CountryStrong106

    This has been bugging me how is little lamplight still a kids only town when:1)They dont allow outsiders(basically have to be forced to take the kid from grayditch) 2.)they leave when their 18 so they dont have children 3.)The Adults left the caves 1 by 1 looking for help over the years and ever since the last one left no adults have been allowed into little lamplight(Excluding the Lone Wanderer)

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  • CountryStrong106

    I think it'd be fun to go back to New Vegas or the Capitol Wasteland then instead of the Courier and Lone Wanderer youd find a Brotherhood Controlled Wasteland and Yes Man controlled Mojave.

    You'd meet Yes Man with his new more assertive personality(i cant be the only one who always wondered what he'd be like when he came back online) and he lets you in the Lucky 38 for the start of that DLC's Main quest in which Yes Man has detected NCR and The Legion(New Name of whats left of Caesars Legion) preparing to make a final push into the Mojave Wasteland(opposite sides of course) to take the Dam and The Vegas Strip and he has determined that the size of the two forces are to large even for the Mark III(Yes Mark 3 Yes Man/Courier found a drive to…

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  • CountryStrong106

    (I dont know all of the Vaults tht have already been used or how many were made, ive played fallout 3 and NV(fallout 3 more then NV) but thts it and niether of them in the past month or so)(also remember most of these ideas probably wont be in the game) Vault 153:A Vault designed to open 216 years after it gets closed, its sole purposes are to see how the residents react with strict rules and unknown tests on residents, Protectrons patrolling the vault during the day and SentryBots at night if any1 is caught out at night they are sent to a secret lab that only the Vault scientists and Overseer know of, the captures are then tested on and if the tests succeed they are put into a cryogenic sleep until the vault opens so they can establish a …

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  • CountryStrong106

    Any1 have any ideas where they want Fallout 4 to take place(Remember it has to take place in the USA) im hoping somewhere where their will be alot of metros which were frustrating but fun to explore and fight ur way through, and what kind of creatures (New or old ones) tht you would like to see and if their new what they were/are and what they would be (Animal/Abomination/Insect) and how they'd react when they saw the player,also any ideas what the Player would be wen their born/wakeup/or however the game starts(examples:player "starts" in a vault in Fallout 3 as a baby and wakesup as courier in fallout NV)

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