1:the most important subject of all the locaition now fallout 3 was in the capital wasteland not bad in and of itself but problems that i saw was the capital wasteland seemed to dark and dreary and a bit creepy and that was at day same thing would be the case with new york because new york would just be another capital wasteland except reskinned now fallout new vegas was nice because the day was brighter the terrain was nicer nice open spaces for long range sniping i would like t see san fransisco or maybe ohio or somewhere nice like washington imagine sniping off of the seattle space needle 2:factions in new vegas they had several factions some i would like to see a return to fallout 4 is ncr,legion,boomers,great khans,brother hood rememnents enclave remenments 3:the thing that is most important to any fallout game is weapons i would like to see several differant things for weapons in fallout 4 one idea fire selector switch between semi-automatic,automatic and three round burst more weapon mods including the ability to take mods off and put them back on i would like to see a breakdown rifle that you get at the beginning of the game that can be modded with different barrels to use different calibirs such as 45-70,30-06,44 magnum,223,12 gauge,20 gauge,etc as well id like to see more recoil from heavy calibered rifles the 45-70 and 50 bmg in fallout new vegas had little recoil as in real life well you wouldnt be able to feel your arm for a week more weapon mods would be nice such as a red dot or acog scope for easier aiming more unique weapons would be nice including a nifty system that makes it so the higher the risk or difficuilty,cost,actions to get the weapon the better it is like lets take the ratslayer for example easy to get decent upgrade to the varmint rifle next mercy the unique grenade machine gun nearly impossible to get and not the best weapon in the game not really fare for people who goes through a cave full of deathclaws and fights the legendary deathclaw for a not so wonderful unique weapon.

4 companions well all i can say about campanions is that i would like it if it were exactly like new vegas's except that they dont randomly pick up weapons off the ground like boone does all the time
               other than that the only thing id like to see is actual guns not fake guns like the m60,m16
               870,m107 barret stuff like tha so add anything else you would like to see in fallout 4 
                                   and have a nice day and dont get blown up