Well, I love DLC as much as the next man, and I've been thinking about what I would like to see in a content pack. Here's an idea I've been throwing around in my head for a while.

Premise: You have been sent to the glistening capital city of the New California Republic for reasons based on which faction you've supported in the game. During your visit, a conspiracy arises to sabotage the city and kill it's entire massive population of over 3,000 people. Depending on your own choices you can attempt to stop this sinister plot or help carry it out. The stakes are high, but then, aren't they always?

This content package would begin in one of four ways.

1. Mr. House decides that he needs to establish firm diplomatic relations with NCR and has deigned you, his most trusted employee, to travel to their capital city and establish an embassy. While there, you are to gather data on the NCR and send it back to him while building trust and confidence in New Vegas amongst the most important players of NCR. Mr. House's route requires diplomatic finesse and if you are playing as an INT>4 character, then the quest line will become much more challenging. Accepting to work for House grants an additional perk, "Corporate Officer", which grants a +10 Bonus to Speech and Barter, as well as a +2 Charisma bonus for purposes of Charisma-based dialogue only (e.g. conversations with the Mini-boomers in vanilla New Vegas).

2. Caesar is pleased with your work in favor of his Legion and he has graciously bestowed upon you an opportunity of a lifetime. You are to travel to the capital of NCR and assassinate a Senator and former Ranger chief named "Elise" whose massive donations to the NCR army have kept it alive and strong in the Mojave Wasteland. In exchange for this service, he will grant you a reward of the highest quality, though he has not yet disclosed the nature of that reward to you. Accepting to work for Caesar will grant you the "Master Frumentarius" perk, which the ability to fool ANYBODY in a faction with a disguise (e.g. NCR fatigues can fool rangers and even Kimball) as well as a +5% Critical chance bonus and a bonus of +10 to sneak.

3. If you have Idolized status with the New California Republic, Col. James Hsu will call you to Camp McCarran and inform you that the NCR Senate has deigned to grant you a piece of expensive property in their capital city as a reward for your services to the Republic. Additionally, the NCR Congress wishes to present you personally with a decoration for distinguished service to the Republic. You will have to go there to reap the benefits of your labors. Accepting to travel to NCR and receive your rich spoils will confer the "True Patriot" perk, which grants a 25% discount when dealing with NCR-based companies (e.g Gunrunners) as well as a +20 Speech bonus for purposes of dialogue with NCR non player characters only.

4. Yes Man advises you that you need to gather information on your enemies, and the NCR will likely accept an envoy of Vegas. You must travel there and establish an embassy (this questline is VERY similar to the House questline, but no reporting in: all information is for your own purposes). Accepting to go to NCR as an independent agent will grant the "Rogue Element" perk, which grants a +30 Bonus to Sneak, as well as the same Improved Disguises concept as Legion players will receive.

Next, players will need to acquire a means of rapid transportation from the Mojave to California. This transportation is made manifest in the form of a Vertibird. To get the Vertibird, one must raid an Abandoned Enclave Bunker and find the vehicle in an old, out-of-commission condition. To repair the vehicle, they must either pass a science/repair check, obtain the needed components from the Brotherhood of Steel obtain the parts from the 'bird in the Remnants' bunker, or pay a mechanic a good sum of money to fix it for you. Then you must return to the person for whom you are working, and they will provide a pilot for you. Return to the vertibird with the pilot and take off. Then, sleep through a rather long flight. When you wake up, you are just outside the city. Your pilot tells you that it isn't safe to fly any closer, and that you'll have to walk the rest of the distance. Before you, a vast walled city sprawls out for miles. Unlike the faded, pre-war glory of Vegas, this city is new, the clear product of advanced technology. The buildings, though mostly one or two stories, are clean and the streets are freshly paved. Clearly, NCR is like no city you've seen before. Then again, with the help of the Vault Dweller and the Chosen One, NCR had every reason to succeed. The screen blacks out for a moment, then comes back into focus in front of a military checkpoint, with a large force-field separating the city from the outlying land and farms. You are in a line of people seeking access to the city. As you near the NCR Military Policeman at the gate, your breathing becomes faster...

I'll continue the story later, but you get the beginning's overall feel. Next time, I'll discuss some of the locations within the city, like the Vault City/Shi Empire Embassies and the NCR Governmental District. Also, I'll include in this post some of the new equipment I was considering would be included.

1. NCR Civilian Clothes: The NCR is a stable society, and its citizens (the ones fortunate enough to live in the city) can afford new clothes made by NCR clothiers. Clean suits and new casual attire will be included. These things exist by the rationale that the NCR is well established, safe, and has the benefit of technology from the Brotherhood of Steel, as well as ongoing partnerships with the Shi in San Francisco and the people of Vault City. 2. NCR Police Uniforms 3. NCR Police Armor (Think LAPD-style SWAT uniforms) 4. US Army Combat Armor (Armor just like Combat Armor from Fallout 1/Fallout 2) 5. Children of the Cathedral Robes (hard-to-find) 6. M72 Gauss Rifle (and Gauss Pistol): I missed these babies from Fallout 2! 7. Covert Submachine Gun (Silenced MP5) 8. Wattz Laser Weapons (Fallout 1 style laser pistols/rifles) 9. Bowie Knife (More Equipment add-on ideas forthcoming!)

I'll try to keep up on this! I would appreciate any and all feedback!