Plot: Your charecter is drowning in a lake, you swim to the surface and you have disturbed a mirelurk nest and are being attacked by them, a stranger shows up and starts shooting at the mirelurks and as he walks towards you,you become unconcious. You wake up in a house and the stranger asks your name, he tells you that his town, Redwood was attacked by raiders. This is where your quest begins you begin taking quests for the inhabitants of the village helping them rebuild their civilisation, your charected has mild amnesia so you don't remember what happened before you awoke in the lake. When you sleep you awaken in a dream but you realise this is not and a dream and you are reliving the events before you awoke in the lake and your attack is connected to the attack on the town. When you leave the town the stranger offers you to take his dog along with him as your first companion.


Redwood Settlers These are the settlers of the town you help to rebuild, some will randomly offer you quests, others will give you gifts at random times for helping out

Brotherhood of Steel Kaiju Chapter The Kaiju Chapter set up their headquaters in an abandoned mine which was left almost entact by the war you can choose to side with them or the Deadhawks or the NCR.

The Deadhawks A band of raiders more intelligent that your average fiend, they trained birds to do their bidding and they built their own town out of things that they stole from other towns, you can choose to side with them or the Brotherhood of Steel or the NCR.

NCR The NCR have a small army in the Kaiju Wasteland and their main headquaters is called Camp Destiny, you can choose to ally them with the Brotherhood and fight against the Deadhawks.

I'll add more to this soon this is just the beginning, if you could comment and tell me things I could improve on it would be much appreciated, thanks.