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Welcome to Nedry's Grille, how may I attend to your taste buds?— Nedry's Grille Employees

Nedry's Grille is a restaurant in Rivet City owned by the famous Dennis Nedry founded in 2277. Nedry's Grille is the home of the Deathclaw Meat Pie.


Dennis Nedry was once a slaver and founded Nedry's Grille in Paradise Falls. Business was thriving until the Lone Wanderer came in and wiped out all the Slavers. He managed to escape. After that, Nedry opened up another installment of Nedry's Grille around Arefu. Not making enough money, he established another one in the area of the Jefferson Memorial. He became very popular amongst the caravans. Raiders eventually destroyed those two locations. Later, he bought out Gary's Galley inside Rivet City for a good price. Now his restaurant chain is flourishing with restaurants all over the Wasteland. There were some locations in the Mojave Wasteland. They were all destroyed before 2281 and never rebuilt in that location because business wasn't good there. This is the only place in the Capital Wasteland where it is safe for him to sell his products.

One day, when Nedry was looking for something new for his restaurants, he came across a deathclaw. That's when he discovered the delicious taste of deathclaw meat. He added some bread and that's when his famous Deathclaw Meat Pie was invented.


Kennedy London is from Paradise Falls. She was a slaver and travelled with Nedry all the way to Rivet City. That is now where she resides.
Eli Roth was a slave in Paradise Falls. He followed Nedry as well. He lives in Rivet City now. Being a ghoul is bad for business, because there is even prejudice in Rivet City.
From time to time, Dennis Nedry will appear here. He will be available as a merchant.


Nedry's Grille is in the Marketplace in Rivet City.

Related quests

Deathclaw Hunting


The shop is open from 9 am to 9 pm.
If you steal the Quantum, Roth will blame London, causing her to be fired by Nedry.

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Nedry's Grille appears only in Fallout 3. It is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.