aka Heisenberg

  • I live in the Middle of Nowhere
  • I was born on September 4
  • My occupation is Vault Rabbi
  • I am the One who Knocks
  • CommanderNuka

    Nedry's Grille is a restaurant in Rivet City owned by the famous Dennis Nedry founded in 2277. Nedry's Grille is the home of the Deathclaw Meat Pie.

    Dennis Nedry was once a slaver and founded Nedry's Grille in Paradise Falls. Business was thriving until the Lone Wanderer came in and wiped out all the Slavers. He managed to escape. After that, Nedry opened up another installment of Nedry's Grille around Arefu. Not making enough money, he established another one in the area of the Jefferson Memorial. He became very popular amongst the caravans. Raiders eventually destroyed those two locations. Later, he bought out Gary's Galley inside Rivet City for a good price. Now his restaurant chain is flourishing with restaurants all over the Wasteland.…

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  • CommanderNuka


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