I Was Just Thinking Billboards, (A Wasteland Ramble)

While I was wandering the Glowing Sea taking screenshots for the Wiki, I came upon a billboard out in the middle of the radioactive waste near a destroyed interstate, so I took a screenshot. It occurred to me that all across the Commonwealth and actually in other parts of the wasteland of the Fallout universe there were all these incredible pieces of art taken so for granted.

Billboards advertising everything from Nuka Cola to the Cherry Bomb, a unique automobile. Not to mention all the handbills plastered on walls all over the place, but that's for another time. I want to address the billboards in this ramble, it could be I've taken too much jet or my mind is cluttered with mentats but I was thinking perhaps a page dedicated to the overlooked eyesore of the highways the BILLBOARD.

I throw the thought out to others, to see if anyone else thinks this should happen, and if anyone else would care to join in, maybe this could grow in to a Fallout Universe endeavor. In the meantime, just because I realized that they deserve it I will take the time to gather screenshots of billboards from the Commonwealth together just for my own pleasure and perhaps to share with others at some point in time.

Ramble on wasteland wanderers, all who wander are not lost!