Been Busy With Life

Well I have to admit I started feeling guilty for not being around Nukapedia, I love this wiki and the people here have been pretty gracious. Fact is I recently adopted the Linux Wiki and it's been a lot of work getting things in order there. Cleaning up somewhat of a mess and getting things ready for people to join in.

When I applied for the adoption I didn't realize how old that wiki was, it was actually founded in 2004/5 so I feel like I've come in to a bit of Wikia history. Anyhow been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online lately and took a break from Fallout 4 for a bit so I just didn't have anything to offer the Nuke.

Been busy working on my 135 year old log cabin, gutting the sheet rock to the logs and returning it to it's original state. I'm pulling up the 100 year old plank floor to the dirt, no telling what I'll find. It's like having my own personal archaeological dig.

I'm getting the itch to come back and start helping again, so I'll be carousing the stubs and pages with no images, Fallout 4 is mostly what I can help with right now and it seems that the other games are pretty solid. Need to go in game and check out the new DLC, Contraptions and the Vault-Tec Workshop looks pretty interesting as well. What I can't wait for is Nuka-World that looks pretty solid.

One thing I have to admit, I'm really glad I bought the season pass when I pre-purchased FO4. Word of advise if you pre-purchase a game and the season pass is 19/20 dollars more, cough it up cause later it'll end up being 50 dollars like the FO4 one did. You won't regret it.

An update on the Billboards and Wall signs, the last time I was in FO4 I spent a lot of time in free camera mode using the console and got a lot of excellent shots of billboards and wall signs, now the thing is what to do with them. The suggestions made by Dweller111, Stormrider71 and Yod were all excellent ideas. We'll just have to see where this leads to.

Well that's enough of my ramblings, I'll see you round the pages and categories. Ramble on wasteland wanderers, all who wander are not lost!