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  • Coloradofree

    Needless to say the title says it all, I picked up on both games yesterday from Steam for a very nice price and I am stoked. I use to play Neverwinter Nights and NWN2 for quite a few years so this type of game is not unfamiliar to me. The reviews for both on Steam are excellent, no reports on crashes and people are even saying they will play on Win10.

    It's safe to say I will be on my computer in to the wee hours of the night. My Wife and Kids are out of town for a few days and I am all alone with Fallout!!! Hopefully I will be able to get some good screenshots. This is an exciting time for me as I have never played either game. I started my Fallout experience with Fallout 3 and then on from there.

    I've always heard that even though these gam…

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  • Coloradofree

    Been Gone A While

    June 28, 2016 by Coloradofree

    Well I have to admit I started feeling guilty for not being around Nukapedia, I love this wiki and the people here have been pretty gracious. Fact is I recently adopted the Linux Wiki and it's been a lot of work getting things in order there. Cleaning up somewhat of a mess and getting things ready for people to join in.

    When I applied for the adoption I didn't realize how old that wiki was, it was actually founded in 2004/5 so I feel like I've come in to a bit of Wikia history. Anyhow been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online lately and took a break from Fallout 4 for a bit so I just didn't have anything to offer the Nuke.

    Been busy working on my 135 year old log cabin, gutting the sheet rock to the logs and returning it to it's original st…

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  • Coloradofree

    While I was wandering the Glowing Sea taking screenshots for the Wiki, I came upon a billboard out in the middle of the radioactive waste near a destroyed interstate, so I took a screenshot. It occurred to me that all across the Commonwealth and actually in other parts of the wasteland of the Fallout universe there were all these incredible pieces of art taken so for granted.

    Billboards advertising everything from Nuka Cola to the Cherry Bomb, a unique automobile. Not to mention all the handbills plastered on walls all over the place, but that's for another time. I want to address the billboards in this ramble, it could be I've taken too much jet or my mind is cluttered with mentats but I was thinking perhaps a page dedicated to the overloo…

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