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The Ascendant is a faction Based in Zeta, led by the android Harkness and his second in command Elliott Tercorien, whose leadership abilities have flourished after an attack on the Mothership by raiders. It's main base of operation is in the Capital Wasteland, but they have good trading relations with the Mojave and other areas.


The Ascendant was founded by Harkness in 2283 when he was hiding in Zeta from the Institute, who came back after they learned of the misguidance of Zimmer, who falsely reported Harkness destroyed. He manages to find the portal to the ship's bridge by pure chance, stumbling upon Elliott Tercorien and other refugees of various factions. These refugees included disillusioned ex-enclave from Raven Rock and Adams Air Force Base, several wastelanders, and some ex-Brotherhood of Steel Soldiers who were persecuted by both the Outcasts and Lyons Chapter. Also, some other preserved people have been revived from cryo sleep by Elliott Tercorien, who after many years on the ship, has learned how to decipher the alien controls and language. However, this is a recent discovery, and only a few have been revived, and of those few, only 14% has survived. Harkness, upon discovering the ship, breaks up the tensions between the groups inhabiting the ship and unites them into to one, with the help of Elliott, The intermediary between the groups due to him being the most understanding of the ship and how it works, besides Sally, who left the ship a few moments after The Lone Wanderer stopped visiting the ship.


The Ascendant uses advanced weaponry due to it's origins and it's headquarters


The Ascendant uses a combination of energy weapons and high end assault rifles

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Note: due to the lack of balance a faction of this could bring, I will be seeking to impose restrictions to keep it balenced