Dead Gunner Hells Cartel is a group of raiders The Pious is a group of religious, sorta insane ghouls Sons of Liberty are patriotic soldiers living on Ellis Island The Augury are advanced soldiers who only come out at night Yeah, Jumpkick Just come into NYC looking for shit to do I'll oblige Wander around for a little

Richie9999 \o 10:15 Jumpkick1 (DO we Have to find a New RP or?) 10:15 Coloneljosef (no, we can branch off his maybe do some backstory) 10:15

Coloneljosef (back to the paper) see, I have it right here


  • Looks*


  • sees back of paper

wait, whats that never seen it before

Coloneljosef Hey, Carl can you decipher the words on the bck of this ppaper?

  • back

10:19 Ant2242 Let me see it. 10:19 Coloneljosef

  • hands it over

10:19 Ant2242

  • squints at paper*

10:20 Jumpkick1 I was in Capital Wastes myself about four years ago. 10:20 Ant2242 the.... <something>,.... at the base... All I got from it 10:20 Jumpkick1 I was stationed at Raven Rock. 10:20 Coloneljosef really?, what for? oh 10:20 Ant2242 Raven rock you say. 10:20 Jumpkick1

  • Nods*

I was a ship in from the Oil Rig. 10:21 Ant2242 What was it like in there? 10:21 Jumpkick1 Well. Imagine a Vault full of Power Armored Soldiers and Officers. 10:21 Coloneljosef Rich, you siad your familiar at this town 10:21 Jumpkick1 And its alot more techie. 10:21 Ant2242 Sounds authoritarian. 10:21 Coloneljosef are there any bases around here? 10:22 Ant2242 What's your take on the Enclave and the BoS ? 10:22 Jumpkick1 Who me?

Coloneljosef me? don't ask me

Ant2242 No Bobby Daran. *gives funny look*


  • Pulls out Enclave Engraved Lighter*

Ant2242 [Whoever is on the radio]

Coloneljosef I can't remember them personally

Coloneljosef (my take on me so far is that i;m a commonwealth robot, so it won't help) 10:25 Jumpkick1 I just need the tools the time and the place. (Ah...As I said Science lol)

Ant2242 My take on them is that they are worse than the raiders.

Jumpkick1 Hey now. If I was worse then a raider wouldnt I have killed you already? 10:27 Coloneljosef go ahead try, i tried everthing , but nothing seems to work (i want to discover it through a bit of a yeah)

Jumpkick1 Besides at least we dont Mutilate your corpse and string you up by your Own organs.

Ant2242 Well, on a person to person basis, they are not 'too' terrible of people. But...


( Okay )

Coloneljosef they have terrible ideas

Ant2242 as a political entity, yea raiders are better. 10:28 Coloneljosef some of them are unlogical

Jumpkick1 Actually.

Coloneljosef raiders are less stable

Jumpkick1 Politics wasnt the bad thing.

Ant2242 And less organized

Jumpkick1 It was the Basis of the Operation.

Ant2242 Baisis of huh?

Jumpkick1 Why we were fighting for Isolation when we could have just let the Americans in and Killed the Mutants in the mean time. If only I could have become president before it whent to shit. I would have set it streight.

Coloneljosef isolation, you a splinter off them?

Ant2242 No, their problems was on ideaology. They're "purity programs" I've seen too many Death camps (what's your name again?)

Jumpkick1 (Johnson is mine)

Ant2242 I've seen too many Death camps Johnson.

Jumpkick1 Thats one thing I would have stopped.

Coloneljosef reminds of a boook about these "nazis " or what ever and there racil purity of "germanS"

Jumpkick1 The non Commies could join. Aryans.

Ant2242 Yea, believe it or not most former Enclave I've run across have said the same thing. 10:31 Jumpkick1 They are Aryans Blonde Hair Blue Eyed. I read alot of old history books and watched alot of old Holtapes/ ( *.

Coloneljosef read it in the library run by the BoS in the wasteland b4 i left

Ant2242 More bull shit but yea, political and ideaological paralells

Jumpkick1 Actually.

Coloneljosef looking for some answers

Jumpkick1 We werent pushing Aryans we were pushing Humanity.

Ant2242 "Humanity" Let's get that straight.

Jumpkick1 Well.


  • mans comes walking down the street


  • Anotherone bites the dust, bum bum bum bad da da dada da*


  • walking down that seems to be heading for Josef



  • Looks at said person*


  • plays on the radio*

Coloneljosef Yes,isay i thought you left on the boat i gave you ? i ask starnge man: you did

Jumpkick1 So speak any other languages?

Coloneljosef but the wheel broke and now i have to get i for repairs and i'm blaming you

Ant2242 Nope.


  • Speaks Russian*

Coloneljosef Strange man:your "improvements" to it made the travel less effiecent and slower

Jumpkick1 Heh,


  • josef moves his hand toward his pistol near holster

Jumpkick1 I had to learn to Operate Secret Service.

Coloneljosef strange man: what are you doing strangeman: GET YOUR HAND AWAY FROM THERE


  • looks at the Strange Man*

10:36 Coloneljosef

  • starngeman pulls out sword and lunges at Josef
  • josef ducks
  • tries to get some distance to pull out weapon

10:37 Jumpkick1

  • Kicks Strangeman*

10:37 Coloneljosef Josef:SHIT, I just had to experiment didn't i 10:38 Ant2242 "Whel hey all yuo listerns out there I got some more groove tracks for you.... "

Coloneljosef starnge man looks at jumpkick barely affected by his kick

Jumpkick1 Want to go?

Coloneljosef any day of the week bud

Jumpkick1 Lets do this.


  • strange man lunges


  • Ducks*

Coloneljosef Josef(after pulling out plasma rifle, aims at strange man): Micheal, stop

Ant2242 Sorry gys wrong song Ugghhh

Coloneljosef we can reach a peaceful conclusion

Ant2242 wtf was the one I was thinking of ?

Coloneljosef Micheal: think your lucky punk _to johnson 10:40 Jumpkick1

  • Draws M16 A1*

I aint lucky. Im just that good.


  • josef looks at johnson

not sure whjat to do

Jumpkick1 Who is this guy Josef give me a Sit rep.

Coloneljosef Micheal:bring it then, toiugh guy (he is a buff guy of russian background who traveled with me from the capital wasteland) 10:42 Jumpkick1 (Ah) (That Was IC btw lol)

Coloneljosef (he prefers sharp mellee waepons and big guns)


  • Looks him Up and Down*

Look you Ruski whats you rdeal? (Your Deal*

Coloneljosef (Josef gives him the boat when arriving at NYC)

Jumpkick1 ( I see)

Coloneljosef Micheal: I've got a boat to fix and a trading empirre to start

Jumpkick1 And why are you trying to kill my friend Josef here?

Coloneljosef Micheal:he fucked uo the boat

Jumpkick1 I dont think so.

Ant2242 night o/ 10:44 Coloneljosef


(We were fighting a Large Russian Man...) (Or He was FIghting us. 10:05 Coloneljosef ye either way your name was johnson 10:06 Jumpkick1 Mhm) 10:06 Coloneljosef

  • the russian man lunges toward johnson, tired of standing around talking, charging with his word
  • sword

10:07 Jumpkick1

  • Fires three rounds into his Stomach*

10:07 Coloneljosef

  • falls to the ground
  • hurt but almost dead

10:07 Jumpkick1

  • Kicks him onto his back*

10:08 Coloneljosef Micheal(Russian guy): damn it 10:08 Jumpkick1

  • Points gun in his face*

10:08 Coloneljosef Josef:STOP! 10:08 Jumpkick1 No why are you fucking with us> 10:08 Coloneljosef Johnson stop 10:08 Jumpkick1 (?* 10:08 Coloneljosef he's my only ride back to the capitla wasteland 10:08 Jumpkick1 I aint gonna kill him unless he trys to kill me. Do you think I dont know how to drive a boat? I am Secret Service. 10:09 Coloneljosef you don't know how to operate a steambiat

  • steamboat

10:09 Jumpkick1 ... Are you kidding? 10:10 Coloneljosef no 10:10 Jumpkick1 Look this guy attack me. And even if we can find a new way for you to get home. 10:10 Coloneljosef Micheal: IT WAS FOR A POINT! 10:10 Jumpkick1 What point? 10:11 Coloneljosef JOSEF FUCKED UP MY BOAT! HIM AND HIS FUCKIN EXPIERIMENTS ON THE WHEEL RUINED IT 10:11 Jumpkick1 ... Dont be yelling. I have a way to scielence yelling. 10:12 Coloneljosef HOW ELSE AM I SUSpossed to get my point acroos! damn it

  • pants

I think you rupture a lung 10:12 Jumpkick1 I shot you in the stomach. 10:13 Coloneljosef it missed 10:13 Jumpkick1 Your just short of breath. 10:14 Coloneljosef whatever you say 10:14 Jumpkick1 Look 10:14 Coloneljosef

  • Micheal struggles to get up, josef lends a hand

10:14 Jumpkick1 Your not going to recieve any explanation by trying to stab people. 10:14 Coloneljosef Josef: look mike , I can pay for the damages 10:14 Jumpkick1 Now let me try and patch you up. Least I can do. 10:14 Coloneljosef Micheal: give it your best Josef: look, Imma find some way to get this fixed Jumpkick1 has left the Wasteland. 10:16 Coloneljosef Josef: But I need some caps has entered the Wasteland. 10:16 Jumpkick1 (Test) Here. 10:16 Coloneljosef (icular cancer) 10:16 Jumpkick1

  • Hands Josef 500 Bottle Caps*

10:16 Coloneljosef No man that's not enough and we need some rare materials too 10:17 Jumpkick1 Get me a Bottle of Vodka Tweezers and some Needle and Thread Please. I need to fix this guy up. 10:17 Coloneljosef Josef" all right

  • josef heads to the bar nearby
  • comes back
  • brings materials

10:19 Jumpkick1 Ah did you get what we needed? 10:19 Coloneljosef yes the needle is a bit dirty though I recommend cleaning it 10:20 Jumpkick1 What do you think the vodka is for?

  • Takes a drink then poors a little on the wounds and on the tweezers*

And enought o sanitize the Needle and have another drink or two. 10:21 Coloneljosef nice 10:22 Jumpkick1 Alright Mike Grit your teeth this is going to hurt. 10:22 Coloneljosef

  • mike grits teeth

10:22 Jumpkick1

  • Puts Tweezers Deep into Bullet wound*
  • Digs around for First piece of lead*

10:23 Coloneljosef

  • micheal grimaces

10:25 Jumpkick1 Here to remember me by *Smirks as he holds out first piece of Blood Covered lead* 10:26 Coloneljosef

  • micheal groans

Josef: ain't so hard ass now ain t ya mike 10:26 Jumpkick1 Heh heh heh

  • Digs out Second Piece of lead*

10:26 Coloneljosef

  • mike groans even harder

10:27 Jumpkick1

  • Is now Digging through to get the third and Final piece*
  • Pulls it out as it is the Deepest*

10:27 Coloneljosef

  • mike is about to go into coma

10:27 Jumpkick1 Alright. Now to sew you up.

  • Poors a little Vodka on the Needle and the wounds again*

10:28 Coloneljosef Josef: hang in there man 10:28 Jumpkick1

  • Takes a BIG Drink*
  • Threads Needle*
  • Starts Sewing up the first Bullet hole*

10:28 Coloneljosef come mon man 10:28 Jumpkick1 You know...I have patched up alot of soldiers. 10:28 Coloneljosef he's losing it 10:30 Jumpkick1 Calm down Mike. 10:30 Coloneljosef (going to back soon) 10:30 Jumpkick1

  • Finishes Number one and onto Number two*

(Mk) 10:32 Coloneljosef (back) 10:32 Jumpkick1 (WB) 10:33 Coloneljosef (thanks) 10:33 Jumpkick1 ( NpBro)

  • Sews up Number two and Starts in on three*

10:35 Coloneljosef Hang on mike 10:35 Jumpkick1

  • Finishes up the third and final wound*

Now Mike no heavy lifting. 10:36 Coloneljosef Josef: all right Mike, now we need to take care of this boat shit 10:36 Jumpkick1 ... 10:36 Coloneljosef I need to find the materials and a job for capps and I don't know where to start 10:37 Jumpkick1 If only we were in Reno... 10:37 Coloneljosef but while we do that you will be in the boat keeping guard all right? Mike: fine

  • mutters under breath* :asshole
  • mike walks toward the boat

(ok jumpkick that I don't know here to go was me handing over power to you) (you make up the job the sequence) (if you want to 10:40 Jumpkick1 (Sure) Lets hit up the bar. Usually can find work around a bar. 10:40 Coloneljosef all right 10:41 Jumpkick1

  • Goes to the HArd Place*

Alright Joe grab a seat I am going to go Job hunting. 10:42 Coloneljosef K

  • grabs a seat
  • orders gecko steak
  • delivered right away

10:42 Jumpkick1

  • Walks over to a man in the corner*

10:42 Coloneljosef

  • watches Johnson

10:42 Jumpkick1

  • IS Obviously Talking for a little while*
  • You hear a Laugh*
  • Is Talking for a Long while*
  • You hear us laugh as we shake hands and see me walk away*

10:50 Coloneljosef

  • waits eagerly for the news

10:50 Jumpkick1

  • walks over and Sits down*

Well I have good news. We got a job. 10:51 Coloneljosef good any bad news ? and how many caps cause we need a lot 10:52 Jumpkick1 The job involves alot of killing an cheating. Enough. 10:52 Coloneljosef all right to who though? 10:53 Jumpkick1 A mark. 10:53 Coloneljosef a mark? 10:54 Jumpkick1 His name is Yuri. Another Russian. 10:54 Coloneljosef damn it? hopefully Mike is planning any deals w/ him (he's starting a trade bussiness) 10:54 Jumpkick1

  • Shrugs*

10:55 Coloneljosef (that's why he wants the boat repaired) all right we assainate him? correct? 11:13 Jumpkick1 Not exactly. 11:13 Coloneljosef then what/ 11:13 Jumpkick1 First we have to take him down a peg. FIrst we have to take down his LT.s Then we take out the boss. 11:14 Coloneljosef so ruin his business 11:14 Jumpkick1 BAsicly 11:14 Coloneljosef what does it deal in anyway>

  • anyway?

11:14 Jumpkick1 Drugs and Guns. 11:14 Coloneljosef hmmm sounds decent enough what kind of guns? 11:15 Jumpkick1 All sorts. Big little. Latley he has been funneling explosives to two other gangs. 11:16 Coloneljosef what about energy weapons and ammunition? I needs ome mo stuff 11:16 Jumpkick1 Your going to buy from they mark? 11:16 Coloneljosef no Imma steal from there warehouse take out some soldiers there 11:17 Jumpkick1 (This Begins Playing over the Radio ) Right. Well You aint going in alone. 11:17 Coloneljosef I know 11:17 Jumpkick1

  • Lights a cigarette*

11:18 Coloneljosef so where is their warehouse anyway? 11:18 Jumpkick1 Down by the pier. 11:18 Coloneljosef hmmm sounds good lets go

  • checks plasma rifle
  • plasma rifle is ready

11:19 Jumpkick1

  • Readies M16 A1*
  • Starts walking*

Stealth is our best bet. 11:19 Coloneljosef ok

  • crouches

caitiously approaches entrance 11:20 Jumpkick1 No. DOnt go in the front.

  • points to roof*

Sh 11:20 Coloneljosef but how? 11:20 Jumpkick1 I will signal you. 11:20 Coloneljosef ok 11:20 Jumpkick1

  • Goes around the side and climbs up a latter*
  • Is on the roof*

11:21 Coloneljosef

  • follow Johnson

11:21 Jumpkick1

  • Slowly and Silently walking*

11:21 Coloneljosef

  • watshes courtyard
  • watches

11:21 Jumpkick1 Psst. 11:21 Coloneljosef what? 11:21 Jumpkick1 Make sure there are no witnesses. No alerted guards. If we go loud I will tell you. 11:22 Coloneljosef ok plasma isn'tthat loud anyway

  • switches rifle for silenced pistol

11:23 Jumpkick1

  • Takes three steps forward and the weak Cieling crumbles but catches my right leg me dangling above a Warehouse full of People and Crates and makes alot of noise*
  • Is Just dangling their for a second and yells* GO LOUD!

11:23 Coloneljosef DAMN IT

  • pulls plasma rifle agian

11:23 Jumpkick1

  • Drops M16 By accident*

11:23 Coloneljosef

  • activate auto -fire

11:23 Jumpkick1 NO! 11:23 Coloneljosef

  • hands over pisto

11:23 Jumpkick1

  • Pulls out 9mm and fires on a few guards*
  • They fall dead*
  • Right leg untangles and I fall ontop of a crate*

11:24 Coloneljosef

  • blows up some landmines

11:24 Jumpkick1 Fuck...I am going to feel that in the morning.

  • Jumps down and retrieves M116*

(M16* 11:25 Coloneljosef

  • jumps down hole
  • examines crates for plasm aweaponry

11:25 Jumpkick1

  • Gunfire hitting crates and all around us*

Get to cover! 11:25 Coloneljosef shit 11:25 Jumpkick1

  • Dives behind some crates*

11:25 Coloneljosef

  • covers behind strange crate with wierd frisbee -shaped objects

WTF are thes 11:26 Jumpkick1

  • Shrugs*

11:26 Coloneljosef

  • throws one at direction at guard
  • Guard shoots it
  • almost blows up in my face

11:26 Jumpkick1

  • opens another crate*

11:26 Coloneljosef shit 11:26 Jumpkick1

  • Looks inside*

I got frags! 11:26 Coloneljosef

  • fires at enemies
  • hitting a few

11:26 Jumpkick1

  • Grabs one and throws it to you*

11:27 Coloneljosef

  • throws grenade at guard near explosives crate

11:27 Jumpkick1

  • Pulls pin on another and throws it between two other crates marked Dangerous High Explosive*

(Same Idea XD) 11:27 Coloneljosef shit don't throw any more grenades plasma weaponry is scattered everywhere

  • one is nearby
  • looks at it

11:28 Jumpkick1 Grab what you need and fast. 11:28 Coloneljosef wyf is this a plasma launcher ? 11:28 Jumpkick1 Just grab it! 11:28 Coloneljosef

  • wtf

al right

  • picks up weapon
  • tests it on few guards

11:29 Jumpkick1

  • Pulls pin on one grenade throws it into the box of grenades and throws it at a crate marked MN*


  • Starts running for exit*

11:29 Coloneljosef

  • shit
  • runs toward other exit

11:30 Jumpkick1

  • DIves out*

11:30 Coloneljosef

  • guard comes up behind me

w/ same idea

  • shoots weapon at it
  • Guy instantly flown back
  • explosives blown up
  • thown out door
  • looses weapon

damn it 11:31 Jumpkick1

  • The Grenade Box Detonates Detonating the Box FULL of Mini Nukes making the warehouse Crumble and fall*

11:31 Coloneljosef FUCK 11:32 Jumpkick1 ( this Plays over the radio Your tellin me! 11:32 Coloneljosef we lost all that weapons 11:32 Jumpkick1 ... No. 11:32 Coloneljosef we could of made a fortune off some expierimental shot

  • shit

11:32 Jumpkick1 We lost alot of the weapons. 11:33 Coloneljosef yep some are still fine 11:33 Jumpkick1 We can still dig through the rubble and finde some. 11:33 Coloneljosef but one thing 11:33 Jumpkick1 Plus imagine how many SPARE parts their are. Whats that? 11:33 Coloneljosef but one thing, did we kill any Lt.s or the head honcho here 11:34 Jumpkick1 Well. By the looks of it we may have killed one of the minors. Not sure. 11:34 Coloneljosef shit 11:34 Jumpkick1 All I know is thats alot of firepower for a little weapons deal. 11:34 Coloneljosef we might have to check 11:35 Jumpkick1 Chanches are it was a big one. 11:35 Coloneljosef some ppl might still be alive yeah probably was 11:35 Jumpkick1 Ha...from that? 11:35 Coloneljosef yeah 11:35 Jumpkick1 They will be dead if they arent already. Sadly. 11:35 Coloneljosef some could be in the managersoffice 11:35 Jumpkick1 Point. 11:35 Coloneljosef you know high up above the crates 11:36 Jumpkick1 But the building just crumbled! 11:36 Coloneljosef dunno some ppl might of hid in a fridge or something (crystal skull reference 11:37 Jumpkick1 (ha) ...

  • Lights CIgarette*

11:38 Coloneljosef

  • heads toward rubble

checks for ppl 11:38 Jumpkick1 Man. 11:38 Coloneljosef help me here we may be able to find the next location off these bodies 11:39 Jumpkick1

  • Starts digging through pockets*
  • Pulls out a puch of bottle caps*

Hmm. We will split these. 11:39 Coloneljosef ok 11:39 Jumpkick1

  • Finds a note*


  • Starts reading*

Well. That explains where boss man is. 11:40 Coloneljosef

  • finds a plasma defender

niceee I'll be kepping this

  • keeping

11:40 Jumpkick1 He is in the top floor of the Empire state building. 11:40 Coloneljosef shit 11:40 Jumpkick1 If we can find some explosives I can use my skills to plant them under his desk. 11:40 Coloneljosef and he has power? 11:41 Jumpkick1 (Ironicly this is so UNcanon with DGs Fanfic lol)\ He has that building. 11:41 Coloneljosef (that's ok) 11:41 Jumpkick1 His word carries throughout his gang. Not sure if it goes much further. 11:41 Coloneljosef like electricity 11:42 Jumpkick1 I dont know about that. I wish I had Archimedes. 11:42 Coloneljosef shit so we might have to use the stairs 11:43 Jumpkick1 (You wouldnt know what that is Actually Considering You being from Capital wasteland plus I am Enclave Ik about all the sweet Top Secret Stuff :D) 11:43 Coloneljosef (ok) 11:44 Jumpkick1 (lol I mean char wise ... 11:44 Coloneljosef ( I know) 11:44 Jumpkick1 So. What to do. 11:44 Coloneljosef you know how high that building is? hella high 11:45 Jumpkick1 If we could just blow it up. Or... Wait. 11:45 Coloneljosef I guess 11:45 Jumpkick1 I know Fuck that 11:45 Coloneljosef But how do we know he's dead? 11:45 Jumpkick1 We will get a group of raiders to invade the place. Then we slip in through the Chaos and Confusion. I mean. 11:46 Coloneljosef how about we scare them into there with better weapons 11:46 Jumpkick1 ... 11:46 Coloneljosef so we don't have to pay them 11:47 Jumpkick1 Right. Hm. That or we just persuade them to not need to be paiduntil they do the job then kill them. 11:47 Coloneljosef you get anything on that piece of paper? nahh\ I don't kepp broken promises

  • keep

or draw them to there with rumors of riches 11:48 Jumpkick1 (It was the Bosses Location) Then what? Trap them in the basement? Or we could just demo the building. 11:48 Coloneljosef no 11:48 Jumpkick1 After the attack plan Of course. 11:48 Coloneljosef well maybe yeah that seems good sneak up to the top kill the boss then take over 11:49 Jumpkick1 Have the raiders charge in we slip in plant explosives after we cap the boss. Then boom 11:49 Coloneljosef and send the ramining men to assaukt the raiders 11:49 Jumpkick1 ...Fuck that. 11:49 Coloneljosef then boom 11:49 Jumpkick1 They would revolt. 11:49 Coloneljosef no if we scare them 11:49 Jumpkick1 Technicly theyre standing orders are to protect the boss. Hm 11:50 Coloneljosef

  • not

11:50 Jumpkick1 Lets go get these raiders. Then we can start the rest of this. 11:50 Coloneljosef ok but what about the other ones 11:51 Jumpkick1 Other gangs? 11:51 Coloneljosef other bases /lietenants they all can't be at the same place unlees they are having a conference 11:51 Jumpkick1 They will either fade or be picked up by LTs 11:51 Coloneljosef LTS? 11:52 Jumpkick1 Leutinants. 11:52 Coloneljosef hmmm, wont that cause a problem thoug

  • though

11:52 Jumpkick1 Not technicly our job is to kill this gang. Not the spin offs. 11:53 Coloneljosef I guesss 11:53 Jumpkick1

  • nods*

11:53 Coloneljosef but whats not stopping the Lieutenants from taking over 11:53 Jumpkick1 The boss. My god did you ever read any mob storys? 11:53 Coloneljosef but once we kill him? the gang is vunerable someone would want o take over 11:54 Jumpkick1 Right. 11:54 Coloneljosef so we take the ones who do out 11:54 Jumpkick1 What I am saying is to destroy main base that would kill not only their man power and Morale but also Would tellpeople not to fuck with us. 11:54 Coloneljosef all right siunds good

  • sounds

11:55 Jumpkick1 Alright. But first we have to go get ahold of a Raider Gang. I will handle Rash. 11:55 Coloneljosef we should pick up some of the stuff lying around here first gett powerful stuff 11:55 Jumpkick1 You do that. 11:55 Coloneljosef ok 11:55 Jumpkick1 I will go handle the raiders.

  • Walks off*

11:56 Coloneljosef

  • searches building

11:56 Jumpkick1

  • arrives at the Road warriors Den*
  • Is greeted by Raiders and they take me inside to their leader*

Ah Rash. Rash:Grrr what do you want land walker? I want your help. And your mens help. Rash:And I want Caps. 11:57 Coloneljosef

  • finds a couple of LAERS, missile launchers, fat mans, and assorted ammo

11:57 Jumpkick1 Dont we all. Look I will pay you after this what I want you to do is aussalt the Empire State Building. Rash:ha ha ha Thats Suicide with Yurismen. 11:58 Coloneljosef sells some of the extra firepower to a shop for upgraded power armor and combat/power armor mix 11:58 Jumpkick1 So your not the right raider for the task. Maybe I will ask the Skulls. Rash:WAIT no I will do it. Ha ha...Good 11:59 Coloneljosef

  • wanders off to find johnson

11:59 Jumpkick1 I will see you in 3 hours.

  • Walks out*
  • Looks for Joe*

12:01 Coloneljosef

  • meets Johnson atThe Hard place

so look 12:01 Jumpkick1

  • Looks*

12:01 Coloneljosef I got some decent gear 12:01 Jumpkick1 Let me see. 12:02 Coloneljosef 2 LAERs, 1 missile launcher, one fat man, 12:02 Jumpkick1 Mhm 12:02 Coloneljosef one tesla cannon, cryo grenades oh yeah and some of those frisbee explosives 12:02 Jumpkick1 Oh my. Looks like fun. 12:03 Coloneljosef also i found so armor 12:03 Jumpkick1 What did you get? 12:03 Coloneljosef \I have some power armor, and a mix of combat armor/ power armor basically powered combat armor 12:04 Jumpkick1 Hm That was some top secret stuff. 12:04 Coloneljosef nahh it's not that protective power armor is better at protecting yourself the mix a got was much less defensive and I can't lift as much more as I would w/ regular power armor 12:05 Jumpkick1 Right. 12:06 Coloneljosef so what will you take? 12:06 Jumpkick1 Give me. 12:06 Coloneljosef oh yeah the telsa canon has a extended clip of 6 shots and has semi-auto capablity 12:07 Jumpkick1 Hmm. Give me the Powered Combat. 12:08 Coloneljosef ok that's it ? 12:08 Jumpkick1 And... A fat man. That will do me goo. 12:08 Coloneljosef

  • hands it over, along w/ the ammo

12:08 Jumpkick1 Good*)

  • Puts on Armor and Puts M16 on my Back*

Alrigh Gear up We need to go now The Roadies will be their in an hour. 12:09 Coloneljosef

  • puts on gear

gives excess missile launcher and LAER awy

  • activates pre-war pro type tesla armor

12:10 Jumpkick1

  • Starts walking towards Empire State Building*

12:11 Coloneljosef

  • follows

so 12:11 Jumpkick1 Yes? 12:11 Coloneljosef are we blowing this place up or what? or we going touse the intimidation technique

  • to use

12:12 Jumpkick1 ... Well entry isnt going to be clean.

  • Is holding fat man*

12:12 Coloneljosef SHIT! I should of took some uniforms good damn it

  • god

12:13 Jumpkick1 Heh. Who needs a uniform when we have a gun? 12:13 Coloneljosef that's true 12:13 Jumpkick1

  • We arrive and the battle between the Road Warriors and Yuris Gang has already begun with gunfire and everything happening all around*

Follow my lead. 12:14 Coloneljosef

  • puls auto plasma rifle out


  • aims

12:15 Jumpkick1

  • Shoots fat man and blows a hole in the wall*

12:15 Coloneljosef

  • fires at holes
  • killing a few confused gangsters

12:15 Jumpkick1

  • Walks in*

12:15 Coloneljosef

  • covers the left

12:16 Jumpkick1

  • Doesnt even worry about the people firing at me*
  • Reloads*

12:16 Coloneljosef

  • provides cover fire

12:16 Jumpkick1 Alright lets move.

  • Walks into the elevator*

12:16 Coloneljosef

  • walks in

12:17 Jumpkick1

  • Pushes button*

12:17 Coloneljosef so they do have electricity nice 12:17 Jumpkick1

  • nods*

12:17 Coloneljosef

  • elevator starts up
  • heading toward the top

12:17 Jumpkick1

  • awkward Elevevator music is interupted and the eleveator stops midway up*
  • Sighs*

12:17 Coloneljosef what happened? 12:18 Jumpkick1 Looks like Rash cut the power. 12:18 Coloneljosef damn it 12:18 Jumpkick1 Its okay. 12:18 Coloneljosef we're going to have to take the stairs or... 12:18 Jumpkick1 Here climb out of the trap door. 12:18 Coloneljosef so they they have one of those window washing elevators here? 12:18 Jumpkick1 I will give you a boost. 12:18 Coloneljosef we could use that 12:18 Jumpkick1 No. 12:19 Coloneljosef all right (heads up traapdoor 12:19