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General Summary

Fallout 4 should include the ability to customize your character to an larger extent. One of these features could be choosing to be left handed,right handed or even ambidextrous, your choice affecting certain dialogue and actions from npcs, going as far as how your weapons are displayed when you equip them. Also,you should be able to choose if you want to have any deformities and sicknesses(such as asthma or sickle cell disease), which depending on your choices, affect gameplay elements such as your treatment by npcs and reducing certain stats.

List of Options

Diseases: asthma affects your endurance

Deformities: If a player chose to have a deformed arm, he or she could only wield one-handed weapons. a deformed leg decreased agility. you are able to get rid of your deformities later in the game if you want to by visiting a clinic, replacing it with a artificial leg(such as an android leg , if fallout 4 takes place in the Commonwealth) you shouldn't be able to get your deformity back through clinics, The process in which it was received would have to be replicated if you want the benefits; If it was something only available in character creation, then tough luck

Handedness (Yes- it's a word):

Treatment by other factions

 mistreated by factions that disgraces mutants, such as the Enclave. However, your reputations with other mutants and humanitarian groups would be increase. 

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