Hey, guys, I seem to be having a problem w/ chat

Whenever I try to load it, it doesn't seem to work, I type some things and it doesn't show. apparently, I;m not the only one having this problem ... several others seem to have it too

I found this on the community wiki, it's service-wide:

maybe it has to do something w/ the new update:,_2013

Anyone have any idea what is going on? wikia seems to keep fucking us over...maybe some code changed..if they keep doing this, we might have to move into the Vault.

Give a shout out if you have the same problem

it also shows people in there, but I still can't access it

also,it seems to work on the community central wiki, so feel free to overload it if you feel lonely(no swearing though)

nvm, they seemed to have fixed it(for now, there are reports of pm not working though)

6/24/2013 Pacific time

Hello again, it's me, the colonel, we seem to be having a similar problem again, but this time it's not from a official technical update. Other wikis have reported to having this problem, some being: the animal crossing wiki, the shake it up wiki, and other wikis, regardless of the size and popularity of the wikis. It seems to be striking on a spontaneous pattern, with wikis having nothing to do with each other having chat taken down. Again, if you have any Idea what is going on or seem to be having the same problem, please tell us.