A blog posted WinterBurrito with the same name coverd this, but most people didnt like it. so i'd thought to make my own fallout 4 idea

First thing first.

It is set in the north west of america, covering Washington, idaho, oregon and part of canada. around 50 procent washington, 10 procent oregon, 20 procent idaho and 20 procent canada. 65 procent wasteland and 35 procent city

The main faction is a Hybrid of a survivng BoS dettachmend, A reformd Enclave, and Ex-legionaries and ex-NCR troopers who have traveld far away from their problems

Another faction is the URBA (United Raiding Bad Asses) a mix of raiders, slavers, mercenarys and other kind of bad people. the URBA seeks Kill, enslave, rape and plunder the wasteland and their people

There will be many, many tribes with each one being unique. you can come up with these ideas for tribes in the comments

in the wasteland are differnt kinds of areas. this area are marked once you find them. the wasteland is composed of three areas

civilized: here are the people and is no danger. here you can rest, sleep, eat very cheap, if not free. these area are all in the city or towns

Wastes: this is the normal wasteland. this is the most common area in the wasteland self. its not safe, but is survivbale and not uncommon to find other traveler and, ofcourse, merchants. but finding people living there is quite uncommon. in the wastes you do get quite commonly jumped by raiders, mutants and other critters

Unhabitle: these area's are extremly dangerous. here are all the raiding camps of the URBA and normal raiders. there many heavily iraddited areas. its very uncommon to find anybody living there besides URBA

Faction controlled: these area's are controlled by one faction. if you're Reputation with the faction is low, then you'll be warned to turn back. if you do not listen they will immedetly attack with all their forces, so watch out P.S URBA doesnt have a faction area, the Unhabitle areas is practily their faction area

The key feature is that you can not only chance the people of the wasteland, but also the wasteland self. all areas can be changed via quest or by other means, wich you can write in the comments

This is my idead list. post any other gameplay feature in the comments. and sorry if made any spelling errors. im dutch so im not very good at english