aka Sergeant Raider

  • I live in Raven rock
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Enclave soldier
  • I am Male
  • ColdAssRaider

    A blog posted WinterBurrito with the same name coverd this, but most people didnt like it. so i'd thought to make my own fallout 4 idea

    First thing first.

    It is set in the north west of america, covering Washington, idaho, oregon and part of canada. around 50 procent washington, 10 procent oregon, 20 procent idaho and 20 procent canada. 65 procent wasteland and 35 procent city

    The main faction is a Hybrid of a survivng BoS dettachmend, A reformd Enclave, and Ex-legionaries and ex-NCR troopers who have traveld far away from their problems

    Another faction is the URBA (United Raiding Bad Asses) a mix of raiders, slavers, mercenarys and other kind of bad people. the URBA seeks Kill, enslave, rape and plunder the wasteland and their people

    There wil…

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  • ColdAssRaider

    I think that civilization in the wasteland at most unlikely. sure, NCR are doing a good job, but let tell you this: we saw great factions rise, and almost achieve civilization in the wasteland, but then what? they collapsed. like the enclave and the masters army, and also possibly the caesers legion and Mr. house. but those are just the big ones. there are also smaller ones, like the republic of dave, the childeren of the atom. al of those are most likely to fail or have already failed. i have little to no hope for civilization in the wasteland. and i hope it stays this for future Fallout installments like fallot 4. tell me your opion on the comments( once again, sorry for grammar) this Sergeant Raider, raiding the wiki!

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  • ColdAssRaider

    What if

    April 6, 2013 by ColdAssRaider

    What if enclave still exist in 2281 and be strong, and they would have been allied with the NCR in some way, what will happen? will civilisation finaly come to the wasteland? or not?(sorry for grammar)

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