Anyone remember me? I'm finally back to doing fights after thinking of a solution to Agent C's request not to use The Hole as the name for his series of fights. Well, I'm hoping the setting can still remain the same.

Welcome to King of the Ring

We've come live to The Hole where we see 2 contestants battle it out TO THE DEATH! Today, we have 2 metallic warriors duking it out. In one corner, we have a billionaire that has several flying armored suits, Iron Man. On the other corner, we have the leader of an alien robot faction, Megatron. He can turn into a flying vehicle. Here come our 2 contestants.

Megatron vs Iron Man

So, yeah, we have Megatron going up against Iron Man. This will be a memorable one.

Who do you bet will win?

Who will come out of this alive? Megatron or Iron Man? This will be an exciting battle for sure.