Although not officially starting until tomorrow. The microsoft Press conference Has begun

Many things have been shown mostly beginning with an official trailer of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 although a new Tomb raider and an Arcade Game of HG wells, The war of the worlds coming on playstaion network and Xbox live have been announced

Although not officialy announced 2 halo games have been "accidently" confirmed on the official Xbox Webpage: The 1st being Halo 4, and the second being the long anticipated Halo CE Remake. Which is now supposedly called Halo Combat evolved Anniversary

As you can see many announcements have been made only in the 1st 30 minutes of the 3 day event so you can expect many suprises to come. Who knows maybe we will have a fallout Announcement in Bethesda's conference

Stay tuned of any fallout related developments

Also on a completly un-related note i would like to apolagise to an unknown anon that i insulted last week. It was very unproffesional of me and i shall work hard on working on the Vault to make things right again