Hey, guys. Most of you may know me from chat, but if not, I'm Chris and I am a moderator. I am posting this to say that as of June 27th, I no longer plan to be as active as normal. I will still be popping into chat every day or two, but I no longer wish to spend all the time I normally do here. I have a lot going on in real life, plus site work on the SNM, and tons of games I've yet to play on Steam. I also feel that as of the past year, and especially the past couple months, chat has become a very toxic place for me to be. Originally, I was almost always happy here and met tons of new friends, chatted with people a lot and just had a generally good time. Perhaps I have just grown jaded, but I no longer enjoy my time here. Every day, I enter chat and either see people complaining in public chat or PMing me about other users. I know gossip is normal. But the amount in this community is far higher than I have encountered in any other community, both online and offline. This has put me in a complicated position because, while I do not deny engaging in this behavior sometimes, wish to remain neutral in most Wiki happenings. Hopefully, with less attention being diverted here, I can grow as a person so I do not view this place as nothing but a gossip center. Hopefully, during that time, other's learn to treat each other more appropriately and remember the human. Either way, like I said, I will still be around, just less often. Take care!