2 recent teaser trailers were released for Fallout 4. For the first video, it shows that the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave, Caeser's Legion, and the NCR will be featured in this game which is set in San Francisco, California. I will focus on the main video.

1. Audio The song playing from the radio is "Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel. In my opinion, the various different songs for Fallout in general reflect the mood of the game. The first Fallout games had a sort of detached surrealism with its songs, while 3 had a sort of light hearted mood among the desolate Capital Wastes, while New Vegas had a kind of loneliness aura. "The Sound of Silence" has a combination of sadness and happiness at the same time.

2. The Handgun As the camera zooms out, the first noticeable thing is the silver handgun sitting on the stand. I might be wrong, but it looks a lot like Halo's Magnum, which is to say, like a hand cannon.

3. The Dead Guy As the camera zooms out further, a person can be seen slouching on the couch, obviously shot. He has some sort of robes that bear strong resemblance to a Brotherhood of Steel Scribe. After all, Fallout is not complete without its iconic Brotherhood. This also may connect what happened with the Brotherhood after the early Fallout games.

4. American Flag This may or may not be relevant, but the Pre-War American flag(Thirteen Stars instead of 50) is visible in the background. Hopefully F4 will do what F3 did: display The old and sometimes alien American way.

5. The Rifle You can notice that on the left wall there is some sort of hunting rifle with a sniper rifle above it, but it looks more high tech than in the other games. Since this game is featured in the wilderness, "hunting" styles of playing may emerge.

6. Magic Bullet As the camera zooms out of the cabin, the window can be seen, with a small neat bullet hole in the middle where the bullet passed through on it's way to the Scribe. Take in account this window has been exposed to the radioactive element at least 200 years. The window should have been warped or cracked when the bullet passed through. However, the bullet may have been a special assassination bullet where it is very difficult to track its path.

7. Woods As soon as the camera zooms out of the cabin completely, you can notice that there is dense trees and fauna all over the place. Due to the pine trees and the rain, I'm guessing that it is some sort of forest preserve (Yosemite maybe?).

8. Weather Throughout the Fallout series, it's no secret that sometimes things are left out of the already jam packed game because of space issues. Things that are not necessary but really cool. One thing that I have hoped for was a weather engine that could transform the Wasteland from searing heat to radioactive snow storms. In this trailer, rain seems to be a key element since it is always present and during the credits rainfall is the only thing that can be heard.

9. The Highway Near the end, a small road is seen with various Fallout Pre-War vehicles littering the road. This reminds me of Point Lookout with its dark winding roads that lead into te mysterious wilderness.

10. The Sniper At the finale, the camera zooms fast enough for you to get a glimpse of the sniper crouching. If you stop the video, you can see the man is actually an Enclave trooper with Tesla Mk II Power Armor, signaling the return of the original bad guys in gaming. What really interest me is the fact that trooper managed to snipe a Brotherhood scribe who are famous for their paranoia in the middle of the woods. I believe that the F4 Enclave will be a resurrected remnant group of the F2 Oil Rig who have been in California so long that they have adapted to the chaotic wilderness. Maybe the sniper was a Special Forces soldier who specialized in forest warfare, which is completely different from the bumbling and inexperienced troopers in the Capital Wasteland Enclave chapter.

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