While at Pax last weekend I was also lucky enough to Playtest Fallout: New Vegas. I look through Goodsprings in more depth then the other Pax news post. While playing I traveled arround Goodsprings. In the saloon (which had the first non-boarded up glass windows I have seen in Fallout) there was several people that I talked to, one gave me a note and talked about how there was a safe in the school house that even Easy Pete couldn't crack with a boat load of explosives, sounds like my kind of job. After receiving a lock-pick skill boost book I walked over to the schoolhouse, Goodsprings is about the size of Megaton if it were laid flat. Upon arriving I successfully lock picked the safe and received its for the moment random contents.

Picture of me playtesting.

Also, I am giving away a Fallout: New Vegas T-Shirt.