This was going to be deleted by Wikia but I wanted to save this useful information. It was contributed by User:JASPER42

Caravan is probably the easiest way to expand your cash flow in Fallout: NV. There are many ways to play caravan, obviously resulting in many strategies. This page explains one of the easiest ways to always win and the right people to play to get the most caps. This is also based on the PC version of the game.

To start playing better games you need to first build a strong deck. For this method we are only using 6's 10's Kings and Jacks. That means you must have 30 cards in your deck, all consisting of these four cards. Any combination is fine, but for reasons that will become obvious you will need at least 3 tens, 3 sixes and three Kings. (More is DEFINITELY better)

Extra cards for your deck can be acquired from vendors and merchants all across the Mojave but good places to look are Goodsprings, Novac and the Mojave Outpost. Don't forget that merchant inventories resupply after waiting three days, so if they don't have what your after, wait it out or come back later on in the game. Crimson Caravan sometimes has a fair number of cards as well.

This strategy assumes you understand the basic rules of Caravan.

Step 1: The Deal.

Initially in a game of caravan you are dealt a hand consisting of 8 cards. Initially this will be a mix of jacks, kings sixes and tens (if you're following this correctly). Thanks to a bug, before you drop down your cards you are currently allowed to discard these as you lay down, and add new cards to your deck. What you want to try and do is get three tens, three kings and two sixes.

Step 2: The Initial Laydown.

Place three of your tens onto the table so each of your starting caravans has a value of ten.

Step 3: Bolster the tens/ Max the caravans.

Add a king to each of your tens giving you a top value of 20. You can choose to either do all the caravans one by one or simply add the kings to all of them and then the sixes. Technically you only need to get two caravans to 26 to guarentee a win but sometimes it takes all three for some reason.

Step 4: Destroy the opponents caravans.

As you are playing if you are either waiting on a 6 to appear or see your opponent getting a high value caravan, use the jacks on their highest value cards to drop their total down. This ensures that an opponent can never beat you to getting their caravans ready for sale first. For some reason the opponents in Fallout:NV never actually use the power cards (A, K, Q or J) against you so you can safely build your caravans without fear of being wiped out.

Step 5: Victory and getting more money from the opponents.

Using this method you should more or less win every time. To get more bang for your caravan buck always play with the merchants. Before you play buy as many items as possible off of them. This raises their cashflow to play. When you enter into a game, you should find that their minimum cash amount has raised significantly (if you have bought their entire stock or a large proportion of it). Autoraise them to get the max cash out of your game, win and then replay them. Their cash will have dropped down but will still be large enough to be worth playing again. Repeat untill they have too few caps to make it worthwhile then move to the next merchant. Dont forget the higher character level the better (and more expensive) the stock.

E.g. You travel to the Mojave Outpost and buy 10,000 worth of stock from Jenne (?). Starting a game of caravan and autoraising her should give you about 6000 - 8000 caps straight off. Replaying her should net 5000, then 2000- 3000 and finally between 800 - 1200. Throw away or sell back whatever items you dont want and then mov on to the next trader. 10k usually is doubled up in one merchant.